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Microstatic Hologram

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Microstatic Holograms are less potent versions of the Static Hologram. If the Static Hologram, Dynamic Hologram, and Synergetic Hologram are not killed within 30 seconds of each other, the Static Hologram will split into six Microstatic Holograms. Like the parent hologram, players must stand in red AoE fields to gain Static Light Attunement in order to damage them. All holograms and micro holograms must be defeated before the fight can continue. Avoiding the fragmentation into micro holograms is advantageous because, even when they are defeated, they remain present and confuse and misdirect players searching for remaining micro holograms.


Event involvement[edit]

Prime Hologram.png
[Group Event] Defeat Scarlet's Prime Hologram before the defenses activate (80)


Primary article: Defeat Scarlet's Prime Hologram before the defenses activate#Walkthrough

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Static Pools
    • Player targeted AoE that inflicts Burning.png Burning. Does not remain on the ground as a pulsing AoE like the parent hologram skill.
  • Static Blast
    • PBAoE attack that inflicts Knockback.png Knockback. Deals much less damage than the parent hologram skill.