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Collector's Edition Sandstorm

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Collector's Edition Sandstorm.png

Collector's Edition Sandstorm

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to open a direct link to the Grand Sahil Casino so you can purchase Sandstorm orbs.

— In-game description


This achievement rewards items. Legendary Sandstorm Player Tradesman 2Achievement points
100 Sandstorm Flush Hands PlayedCollecting these cards is a popular diversion for citizens of Amnoon. Sandstorm cards are said to also reveal one's fortune, a prospect of dubious appeal in these turbulent times.
Reward: Collector's Edition Sandstorm.pngCollector's Edition Sandstorm
1 Sandstorm Flush Hand Played 1Achievement points
100 Sandstorm Flush Hands Played 1Achievement points

Items offered[edit]

  • Upon use, a vendor window will open with the following items offered:

Item Type Rarity Cost
Sandstorm Trump Hand.png Sandstorm Trump Hand (20 per day) Container Rare Glob of Ectoplasm + 40 Silver coin
Sandstorm Meld Hand.png Sandstorm Meld Hand (20 per day) Container Exotic 50 Glob of Ectoplasm + Gold coin
Sandstorm Flush Hand.png Sandstorm Flush Hand (20 per day) Container Ascended 250 Glob of Ectoplasm + 100 Gold coin


  • This item acts like a portable merchant, allowing players to sell items in their inventory.
  • Compared to the Merchant Express.pngMerchant Express, this item has several benefits:
    • Once opened, it will remain open until closed, with no time limit.
    • It will move around with you without being automatically closed.
    • It will not limit you from simultaneously summoning an additional NPC such as a Trading Post Express.pngTrading Post Express.
  • Achieving the Legendary Sandstorm Player achievement costs 10000 Gold coin and 25000 Globs of Ectoplasm, not factoring in any return profit. In the worst case scenario, where you get 100 times the minimum roll, you pay a total of 7500 Gold coin and 20000 Globs of Ectoplasm.

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