Caiwyn the Corsair

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Caiwyn the Corsair is a sylvari located in the north-east portion of Dreamer's Terrace. He provides entry to the Belcher's Bluff activity and possesses the signature move Boast, which decreases the percentage of health lost from your next three Drinks which, upon his defeat, will become available for future Belcher's Bluff activities.


Maguuma Jungle

Combat abilities[edit]



Aaargh. Belly on up here and let's see if you got the gumption to win at a game of Belcher's Bluff.
Talk ready option.png It's on.
Talk ready option.png Can you tell me about the other masters?
There I've sent you a pamphlet that describes our order and locations.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks.
Talk more option tango.png What is Belcher's Bluff?
Belcher's Bluff is a game of determination and deceit. Drinking this vile substance is detrimental to your health. Drink as much as you can, but be careful: whoever loses their stamina first concedes the match.
Talk more option tango.png What are we drinking?
Raw omnomberry juice, chilled to sour perfection. The omnomberry grows only in Orr and is disgusting until cooked. Heat removes the toxins, but chilling it- oh, it makes for an entertaining game.
Talk more option tango.png I can bluff?
To win, you'll have to! You can fake a sip, but if your opponent catches you... well, that's another challenge entirely.
Talk more option tango.png They can punish me?
Let loose a fearsome belch, and you punish an opponent who's not drinking as they should! Just be careful- once you belch, you'll have to drink three more times before you can belch again.
Talk more option tango.png Can I drink anything other than juice?
Water is allowed, but only every four turns. If you can get away with it, it can put you ahead of the game. Additionally, it counts towards your drinks and your ability to belch!
Talk end option tango.png I get the gist.
Talk end option tango.png I'll be back.


Don't I make a dashing pirate? I've got the look! Here, I'll show you.
Cheating! Why you... you son of a scuttlebutt!
Signature Move
All hands on deck! I'm going to swig me some swill!
Low Health
Argh, this salty seadog has only just begun!
I won? How delightful! I-I mean... how scurvy dog ramparts! Pfah! Pfah!
Hoo-whoa! That foul-tasting sludge sure has done me timbers a number! (hiccup)