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Chat panel

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Chat panel

The chat panel allows you to send messages to other players, communicate with large groups, and displays various in-game messages in real-time.


[edit] Available channels

[edit] Player channels

Shortcut Command Channel activated Seen by... Color
/g /guild Guild Active guild gold
Say Nearby persons green
Map Current Map pale red
/p /party Party Current party blue
/d /squad Squad Current squad yellow
/t /team Team Active team (WvW & sPvP only) bright red
Private Sends private message
/r replies to last whisper name

[edit] In-game messages

Channel Color Information displayed
NPCs Lime green Dialogue from nearby NPCs.
Combat Gray Damage dealt and received.
Emotes Displays emotes used by players.
Game messages Red, Pale yellow Error messages (e.g. "inventory ...full"), status messages (e.g. screenshot saved), friend list updates, quest status messages.

[edit] Other Information

  • One chat line is limited to 199 characters.
  • The chat panel can save up to 5 tabs. Any extra tabs created are removed upon restarting the client.
  • If you send messages too frequently (unspecified), subsequent messages will be blocked for an undetermined (and possibly variable) length of time with "Your message was suppressed due to excessive messaging." displayed in your chat window.

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