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The Garrisons are the central keeps in each of the borderlands.

A keep is a fortress in world versus world that can be occupied by a guild. Keeps provide a tactical advantage by assisting the organization of groups and also generate 25 points of war score every 15 minutes. An opposing group must break down the gate or walls in order to reach the interior and take over the keep for their own team. There are three keeps in each world versus world map.

Each keep is guarded by NPCs and a keep lord who must be defeated in order to claim the keep. After defeating the keep lord, a capture ring will appear inside the keep. To capture the keep, the attacking players must occupy this ring for a short period of time with no defending players inside the ring. When possession of a keep is transferred, all gates and walls are repaired, but all upgrades are lost.

Each keep has nearby resource camps, such as quarries or logging camps, which can be claimed to replenish a keep's supply. Each resource camp will periodically send a dolyak supply caravan to the keep to bring it supply. Supply is used to repair walls and gates.


There are three types of keep in Desert Borderlands and a fourth type in Eternal Battlegrounds.

  • Air Keep — large canyons guarded by a tengu
  • Earth Keep — asuran ruins guarded by an earth-infused golem
  • Fire Keep — underground, surrounded by lava, and guarded by Fire Elementals
  • Alpine Tower — no additional defense (Eternal Battlegrounds only)


Primary article: Desert Borderlands#Shrines

Controlling each of the regional shrines gives a unique effect. While the world owns the region's keep, players gain effects depending on the number of shrines owned by the world. Interacting with an owned shrine grants a blessing from the region.


Fully Upgraded Keep

There are two kinds of upgrades:

  • Automatic Upgrades, which are timed-based (30 minutes, 2 hours and 6 hours) from the point the objective was captured.
  • Guild Claiming, which are time-based (10 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour) after the objective has been claimed by a guild. Many must be manually slotted (configured) to become available.


Access to the WvW objective UI, which is available by speaking to the quartermaster or left clicking the map icon allows:

  • Display of the current status of objective upgrades.
  • Claiming the objective and optionally checking the Public Tactic Activation box.
  • Slotting (configuring) Tactics and Improvements for claimed objectives.