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Disambig icon.png This article is about towers in WvW. For towers in Edge of the Mists, see Tower (Edge of the Mists).
Towers are a type of objective in World vs World. Towers are smaller versions of keeps with a single gate and entrance portal and a single wall layer with a few breakable segments. They can be upgraded to have a pot of oil, a cannon and a mortar to help with defense.

Towers can initially stockpile 100 supply, which is delivered to them by supply caravans from nearby resource camps. Upgrades increase this cap; tier 1 upgrades increase it by 25, tier 2 upgrades by 50 and tier 3 upgrades by 75, for a maximum of 700 supply once all upgrades are purchased.

Towers are worth 10 points per 15 minute tick for the holding team.


There are four types of tower in Desert Borderlands and a fifth type in Eternal Battlegrounds.

  • Mage College — guarded by a powerful elementalist
  • Ogre Tower — guarded by an ogre thief
  • Charr Tower — guarded by a charr engineer
  • Lich Tower — guarded by undead minions and a lich
  • Alpine Tower — no additional guard (Eternal Battlegrounds only)


Fully Upgraded Tower

There are two kinds of upgrades:

  • Automatic Upgrades, which are timed-based (30 minutes, 2 hours and 6 hours) from the point the objective was captured.
  • Guild Claiming, which are time-based (10 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour) after the objective has been claimed by a guild. Many must be manually slotted (configured) to become available.


Access to the WvW objective UI, which is available by speaking to the quartermaster or left clicking the map icon allows:

  • Display of the current status of objective upgrades.
  • Claiming the objective and optionally checking the Public Tactic Activation box.
  • Slotting (configuring) Tactics and Improvements for claimed objectives.