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Resource camps also called Camps in Desert Borderlands. These objectives in World versus World generate supply and deliver it to nearby towers and keeps. Each battleground has six camps that are each worth five points when owned. Resource camps are defended only by a small group of guards and include no walls or gates; as such they can easily be conquered by two to three players (four to five players when fully upgraded).

Each camp periodically dispatches supply caravans, which travel along set routes to nearby objectives. Any caravan that cannot deliver supplies to its destinations (because they are owned by an opposing world) will instead wait in the camp. The caravans deliver 35 supply to towers and 70 supply to keeps, or 70 and 140 supply respectively if the camp has the Increase Supply Deliveries upgrade. The caravans do not reduce available supply in the camp's depot when they are dispatched.


  • Capture the camp.
  • Defend the camp.
  • Repel the enemy attackers!

When caravans are out for delivery:

  • Defend your supply caravan.
  • Destroy the supply caravan.


Fully Upgraded Camp

There are two kinds of upgrades:

  • Automatic Upgrades, which are timed-based (30 minutes, 2 hours and 6 hours) from the point the objective was captured.
  • Guild Claiming, which are time-based (10 minutes, 30 minutes and one hour) after the objective has been claimed by a guild. Many must be manually slotted (configured) to become available.


Access to the WvW objective UI, which is available by speaking to the quartermaster or left clicking the map icon allows:

  • Display of the current status of objective upgrades.
  • Claiming the objective and optionally checking the Public Tactic Activation box.
  • Slotting (configuring) Tactics and Improvements for claimed objectives.

Supply in depot[edit]

Primary article: Supply Depot

Maximum supply in depot begins with 100 when a resource camp is captured. With all upgrades completed It increases to 300. Resource camps automatically regenerate 10 of their own supply every 30 seconds.



With Additional Guards upgrade[edit]

Note: Two of these additional guards patrol the area.