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Resource camp

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Resource camps are structures in World versus World that generate supply and deliver it to nearby towers and keeps. Each battleground has six camps that are each worth five points when owned. Resource camps are defended only by a small group of guards and include no walls or gates; as such they can easily be conquered by two to three players (four to five players when fully upgraded).

Each camp periodically dispatches supply caravans, which travel along set routes to nearby structures. Any caravan that cannot deliver supplies to its destinations (because they are owned by an opposing world) will instead wait in the camp. The caravans deliver 35 supply to towers and 70 supply to keeps, or 70 and 140 supply respectively if the camp has the Increase Supply Deliveries upgrade. The caravans do not reduce available supply in the camp's depot when they are dispatched.

Players can increase a resource camp's effectiveness by ordering Personnel Upgrades at its Quartermaster. Each upgrade, in addition to the upgrade's own effect, increases the maximum supply available for players to take from the camp from the initial 100 to a maximum of 250 with all upgrades.

Resource camps automatically regenerate 10 of their own supply every 30 seconds.


[edit] Objectives

  • Capture the camp.
  • Defend the camp.
  • Repel the enemy attackers!

When caravans are out for delivery:

  • Defend your supply caravan.
  • Destroy the supply caravan.

[edit] NPCs

[edit] No Upgrades

[edit] Hire Additional Guards

Note: Two of these additional guards patrol the area.

[edit] Upgrades

Personnel upgrades (Resource camp) Cost Description
Additions Hire Caravan Guard.png Tier 1 - Hire Caravan Guard 5 Silver coin0 Copper coin
Hires a guard to escort the caravans from this camp.
(Caravan will be guarded by an Archer and a Scout.)
Hire Additional Guards.png Tier 2 - Hire Additional Guards 10 Silver coin0 Copper coin
Hires guards to patrol the area around the camp.
(Two Archers, two Scouts, one Zealot).
Upgrades Increase Supply Deliveries.png Tier 1 - Increase Supply Deliveries 10 Silver coin0 Copper coin
Supply deliveries from caravans are doubled.
(Increase from 35 to 70 for towers and from 70 to 140 for keeps.)
Strengthen Guards.png Tier 2 - Strengthen Guards 20 Silver coin0 Copper coin
Raises the level of the guards at the camp.
(From 80 to 82.)

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