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Guild Promoters were vendors who offered consumables that granted influence to your guild in exchange for coin, with an exchange rate of 10 Influence for Silver coin.

Items offered[edit]

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Item Type Rarity Cost Influence
Influence letter.png Letter of Thanks Consumable Fine Silver coin 10 Influence
Influence letter.png Eloquent Letter of Thanks Consumable Masterwork 20 Silver coin 100 Influence
Influence letter.png Lengthy Letter of Thanks Consumable Rare Gold coin 1000 Influence
Influence letter.png Sincere Letter of Thanks Consumable Exotic 20 Gold coin 10000 Influence

List of guild promoters[edit]

Often (but not always), they were found next to either the Guild Banker (map icon).png Guild Banker or Guild Registrar (map icon).png Guild Registrar in major cities. The Guild Armorer symbol would appear above their head.


  • Influence was given to the guild represented at the time of item consumption, not the time of purchase.


  • Each guild promoter previously offered consumables that were used instantly when purchased. These items were changed to consumables that require manual activation with the June 3, 2014 game update. The removed items were drinks or letters.

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Item Type Rarity Cost
Guild Catapult (service).png Toast to the Guild Consumable Fine Silver coin
Drinks on the House.png Drinks on the House Consumable Masterwork 20 Silver coin
Stout Ale Keg.png Drinks for the City Consumable Rare Gold coin
Jug of Friesson's Ale.png Drinks for a Week! Consumable Exotic 20 Gold coin

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Item Type Rarity Cost
Influence letter.png Letter of Notice Consumable Fine Silver coin
Influence letter.png Letter of Support Consumable Masterwork 20 Silver coin
Influence letter.png Letter of Commendation Consumable Rare Gold coin
Influence letter.png Glowing Letter of Achievement Consumable Exotic 20 Gold coin