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I am Ash Legion. I charge straight into battle. The Ash Legion pushes to the front line in any combat. We're powerful and bold, and none can match our prowess on the field. This user is proud to be an Ash Legion soldier.
Dinky was the smallest cub in our Fahrar, so he had to be twice as tough just to break even. He gets picked on because he's a guardian, and not so smart, but I stand by him. He's always been a good friend. This user would die for their warband, especially Dinky, their sparring partner.
Flame Legion shamans once enslaved us. Because of this, my father, who is a shaman, is treated with suspicion and mistrust. I must overcome his reputation. They tell this user that the soldier that sired them is a sorcerous shaman.
Thief This user is a Thief.
A mask draws attention, and an uncovered face allows people to identify you. I prefer a more subtle subterfuge. A drawn hood lets me blend into the crowd, and no one knows I was there. In this user's line of work, it's important to understand the power of subterfuge.
Biography Charm.png Trouble may follow, but I use my Charm to overcome it.

Chef tango icon 200px.png This character is a Chef.
Whisper heavy armor concept art.jpg This character will join the Order of Whispers!

(Kissa Nimbleclaw was created August 25, 2012)

After all my ranting against charr, its' ironic that the first character I developed a back story for is a charr. Of course some of this may be changed by actual game play.

Kissa is Finnish for "cat".

Kissa Nimbleclaw is a female charr, an ash legion thief. She does not like to talk about her sire, a shaman sorcerer. In the fahrar if any one knew about her sire and tried to make an issue of it, she deflected the aggression towards another charr she was having trouble with, by taking an item belonging to charr #1 and placing it on the person of charr #2. Understanding what's it like to be bullied by other charr, she befriend Dinky, who not only had the misfortune of being the smallest charr in the fahrar but had also chosen the human developed profession of guardian.

When she can get them, they're hard to come by in the Black Citadel, Kissa enjoys chewing on mint leaves.

Disposition towards other races:
Asura: they annoy her, but their gates make travel through Tyria so much easier that she tolerates them
Humans: she holds to the theory that "my enemy's enemy is my friend" and if the Gold Legion hates humans that's good enough reason for Kissa to accept humans as allies
Norn: respects their strength though not their veneration of spirits, animals are tools or food nothing more
Sylvari: not sure what to make of talking flowers

Kissa Nimbleclaw is my first character to complete the Black Citadel. She joined the Order of Whispers and she chose to investigate the grawl.

Kissa Nimbleclaw's Story:


Fury of the Dead

Chapter 1: For the Legion!

The Tribune's Call

A Spy for a Spy

Iron Grip of the Legion

The Flame Advances

Quick and Quiet

Chapter 2: Bloodying the Past

Searching for the Truth

Stoking the Flame

A Fork in the Road

Sins of the Father

Chapter 3: From Howl to Silence

Graveyard Ornaments

Undead Infestation

Digging Up Answers

Undead Detection

Whispers of Vengeance

Chapter 4: To Know the Unknown

Stealing Secrets

Down the Hatch

They Went Thataway

An Apple a Day

Chapter 5: A Friend In Deed


The False God's Lair

Attempted Deicide

Chapter 6: This Far, No Further

Suspicious Activity

The Battle of Claw Island


☐ undecided at this time

A Light in the Darkness

Critical Blowback


Chapter 7: The Cost of Victory

Forging the Pact

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

The Battle of Fort Trinity

☐ undecided at this time

Chapter 8: Savior of Tyria

Temple of the Forgotten God

☐ undecided at this time

What the Eye Beholds

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

Further into Orr

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

☐ undecided at this time

Against the Corruption

☐ undecided at this time

The Source of Orr

Victory or Death

Appendix: Reuniting Destiny's Edge

Ascalonian Catacombs

Caudecus's Manor

Twilight Arbor

Sorrow's Embrace

Citadel of Flame

Honor of the Waves

Crucible of Eternity


Kissa Nimbleclaw is my first character to completely map her home city, getting 3 Basic Transmutation Stones as her reward.

Kissa Nimbleclaw's Theme Song

I created a Guild Wars: Nightfall character to reserve the name for Guild Wars 2.

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