Sonic Periscope Audio Log

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Sonic Periscope Audio Log

Item type
Account Bound
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This device has recorded several conversations. Vigil Audio Log Collectors will want this information.

— In-game description

Upon the destruction of a Sonic Periscope, a Sonic Periscope Wreckage will appear, granting all players in the area a Sonic Periscope Audio Log. These logs can be turned in to Audio Log Collector NPCs for 100Karma.png karma each. The rubble pile will remain for a short time; typically (depending on spawn location) after approximately 5 minutes a new Sonic Periscope will appear, removing the previous rubble pile from which the audio log could be collected.

Turning in the Audio Logs also advanced the monthly Spy on This! achievement during April 2013, which required 150 logs to complete.

Collector locations[edit]

Audio Log Collector NPCs are marked on the maps with the normal collection icon for dynamic events, but with the Living Story gold star.

Shiverpeak Mountains[edit]