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Perfected weapons

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Perfected weapons are an intermediate stage of the process of crafting a precursor. Some of these feature the skins that precursors used before the Heart of Thorns release. The final precursor of each Gen 1 type will require the Perfected weapon to be salvaged, which will yield the Spirit of the Perfected Weapon.


Item Type Item link
Main hand
Corrupted Skeggox.png Perfected Axe Axe
The Apparatus.png The Apparatus Axe
Claw of Retribution.png Claw of Retribution Dagger
Usoku's Needle.png Perfected Dagger Dagger
For Science.png For Science Mace
Peacemaker's Mace.png Perfected Mace Mace
Development.png Development Pistol
Lyssa's Gaze.png Perfected Pistol Pistol
Anima.png Anima Scepter
Tsunami.png Perfected Scepter Scepter
Crystalline Blade.png Perfected Sword Sword
Vengeance (weapon).png Vengeance Sword
Off hand
Song of the Numberless Pack.png Perfected Focus Focus
The True Name.png The True Name Focus
Loyalty.png Loyalty Shield
Shield of the Wing.png Perfected Shield Shield
Neophyte's Beacon.png Neophyte's Beacon Torch
Perfected Torch.png Perfected Torch Torch
Lament.png Lament Warhorn
Windstorm.png Perfected Warhorn Warhorn
Khrysaor, the Golden Sword.png Perfected Daysword Greatsword
Naegling.png Perfected Nightsword Greatsword
Visiospei.png Visiospei Greatsword
Magmaton.png Perfected Hammer Hammer
Reclamation.png Reclamation Hammer
Verdant Bow.png Perfected Longbow Longbow
Frigate.png Frigate Rifle
Perfected Rifle.png Perfected Rifle Rifle
Feathers of Dwayna.png Perfected Short Bow Short bow
The Ambush.png The Ambush Short bow
Imryldyeen.png Perfected Staff Staff
Ravenswood Staff.png Ravenswood Staff Staff
The Stingray.png Perfected Harpoon Gun Harpoon gun
Dragonfury.png Perfected Spear Spear
Warden Trident.png Perfected Trident Trident