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Experimental weapons

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Experimental weapons are created during the process of crafting a precursor. They are the first rough attempts at making a precursor weapon. Each Experimental weapon resembles the original precursor skin for its type (see Perfected weapons), but is charred, broken, or otherwise seriously flawed.


Each weapon comes with Berserker attributes and an inherent  Superior Sigil of Rage.png Superior Sigil of Rage (50% Chance on Critical: Gain Quickness (3 Seconds)).


Item Type Chat link
Main hand
The Device.png The Device Axe
Tooth of Frostfang Experiment.png Tooth of Frostfang Experiment Axe
Spark Experiment.png Spark Experiment Dagger
Hypothesis.png Hypothesis Mace
The Energizer Experiment.png The Energizer Experiment Mace
Chaos Gun Experiment.png Chaos Gun Experiment Pistol
Research.png Research Pistol
Storm Experiment.png Storm Experiment Scepter
Obelisk.png Obelisk Scepter
Exemplar's Edge.png Exemplar's Edge Sword
Zap Experiment.png Zap Experiment Sword
Off hand
Mark of the Unnamed.png Mark of the Unnamed Focus
The Bard Experiment.png The Bard Experiment Focus
Hifthorn.png Hifthorn Warhorn
Howl Experiment.png Howl Experiment Warhorn
Forgotten Brilliance.png Forgotten Brilliance Torch
Rodgort's Flame Experiment.png Rodgort's Flame Experiment Torch
Trust.png Trust Shield
The Chosen Experiment.png The Chosen Experiment Shield
Dusk Experiment.png Dusk Experiment Greatsword
Dawn Experiment.png Dawn Experiment Greatsword
The Colossus Experiment.png The Colossus Experiment Hammer
Vizier's Folly.png Vizier's Folly Hammer
Kudzu Experiment.png Kudzu Experiment Longbow
The Hunter Experiment.png The Hunter Experiment Rifle
Schooner.png Schooner Rifle
The Hunt (short bow).png The Hunt Short bow
The Lover Experiment.png The Lover Experiment Short bow
The Legend Experiment.png The Legend Experiment Staff
Ravenswood Branch.png Ravenswood Branch Staff
Carcharias Experiment.png Carcharias Experiment Spear
Rage Experiment.png Rage Experiment Harpoon gun
Venom Experiment.png Venom Experiment Trident