List of Guild Wars 1 skins

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These skins resemble designs found in Guild Wars 1.




Guild Wars 2 weapon Guild Wars 1 counterpart(s) Type
Al'ir'aska.png Al'ir'aska Voltaic Spear Spear
Anura.png Anura Frog Scepter Scepter
Balthazar's Axe.png Balthazar's Axe Balthazar's Axe Axe
Balthazar's Dagger.png Balthazar's Dagger Balthazar's Daggers Dagger
Balthazar's Hammer.png Balthazar's Hammer Balthazar's Hammer Hammer
Balthazar's Longbow.png Balthazar's Longbow Balthazar's Bow Longbow
Balthazar's Scepter.png Balthazar's Scepter Balthazar's Rod Scepter
Balthazar's Shield.png Balthazar's Shield Balthazar's Shield Shield
Balthazar's Staff.png Balthazar's Staff Balthazar's Staff Staff
Balthazar's Sword.png Balthazar's Sword Balthazar's Sword Sword
Bo.png Bo Bo Staff Staff
Bow of the Pale Stag.png Bow of the Pale Stag Ivory Bow Short bow
Bow of the White Hart.png Bow of the White Hart Ivory Bow Longbow
Branded Eye of Argon.png Branded Eye of Argon Eye of Argon Shield
Breath of Flame.png Breath of Flame Wingblade Sword Greatsword
Candy Cane Dagger.png Candy Cane Dagger Peppermint Daggers Dagger
Candy-Cane Hammer.png Candy-Cane Hammer Candy Cane Hammer Hammer
Candy Cane Scepter.png Candy Cane Scepter Candy Cane Wand Scepter
Candy Cane Sword.png Candy Cane Sword Candy Cane Sword Sword
Celestial Compass Skin.png Celestial Compass Celestial Compass Focus
Centurions Claw.png Centurions Claw Ungues of the Oni Dagger
Chaos Axe.png Chaos Axe Chaos Axe Axe
Chimeric Prism Focus.png Chimeric Prism Focus Storm Artifact Focus
Claws of the Desert.png Claws of the Desert Salient Daggers Dagger
Crystalline Blade.png Crystalline Blade Crystalline Sword Sword
Daredevil's Staff.png Daredevil's Staff Bo Staff Staff
Deathwish.png Deathwish Bone Staff Staff
Deldrimor Mace.png Deldrimor Mace Deldrimor Scepter Mace
Delusion.png Delusion Jeweled Staff Staff
Destroyer Scythe.png Destroyer Scythe Destroyer Scythe Staff
Diamond Aegis Shield.png Diamond Aegis Shield Diamond Aegis Shield
Draconic Staff.png Draconic Staff Draconic Scythe Staff
Dragonspine.png Dragonspine Serrated Spear Spear
Dragon Kama.png Dragon Kama Dragon Kamas Dagger
Dreadwing.png Dreadwing Mammoth Axe Axe
Droknar's Recurve Bow.png Droknar's Recurve Bow Half Moon Longbow
Droknar's Short Bow.png Droknar's Short Bow Half Moon Short bow
Eibhear DunnÉibhear Dunn.png Éibhear Dunn Stoneshard Hornbow Longbow
Eibhear FinnÉibhear Finn.png Éibhear Finn Stoneshard Hornbow Short bow
Elemental Sword.png Elemental Sword Elemental Sword Sword
Emberglow.png Emberglow Fire Wand Scepter
Emberspire.png Emberspire Fire Staff Staff
Emissary's Staff.png Emissary's Staff Envoy Staff Staff
Envoy Scythe Staff Skin.png Envoy Scythe Staff Skin Envoy Scythe Staff
Faithful.png Faithful Spiked Axe Axe
Fellblade.png Fellblade Fellblade Greatsword
Fiery Blade Axe.png Fiery Blade Axe Fiery Blade Axe Axe
Fiery Dragon Sword.png Fiery Dragon Sword Fiery Dragon Sword Sword
Final Curse.png Final Curse Dead Bow Longbow
Final Sting.png Final Sting Deldrimor Knives Dagger
Firebringer.png Firebringer Fiery Gladius Sword
Funerary Shield.png Funerary Shield Aureate Aegis Shield
Gnarled Walking Staff.png Gnarled Walking Staff Traveler's Walking Stick Staff
Destroyer Scythe.png Great Destroyer's Talon Destroyer Scythe Staff
Hypnotic Scepter.png Hypnotic Scepter Hypnotic Scepter Scepter
Honor of Humanity.png Honor of Humanity Gladius Sword
Hourglass Staff.png Hourglass Staff Hourglass Staff Staff
Icebreaker.png Icebreaker The Ice Breaker Hammer
Icy Blade Axe.png Icy Blade Axe Icy Blade Axe Axe
Imryldyeen.png Imryldyeen Chrysocola Staff Staff
Infinite Wisdom.png Infinite Wisdom Earth Scroll Focus
Ithas Longbow.png Ithas Longbow Ithas Bow Longbow
Delusion.png Strong Jeweled Trident Jeweled Staff Trident
Jora's Defender.png Jora's Defender Round Shield Shield
Jormag's Breath.png Jormag's Breath Icy Dragon Sword Sword
Kenshi's Wing.png Kenshi's Wing Kenshi's Butterfly Daggers Dagger
Kryta's Embrace.png Kryta's Embrace Tall Shield Shield
Kryta's Salvation.png Kryta's Salvation Hand Axe / Krytan Axe / White Reaver Axe
Kymswarden.png Kymswarden Long Sword Greatsword
Labrys.png Labrys Crude Axe Axe
Living Short Bow.png Living Short Bow Dryad Bow Short bow
Magmaton.png Magmaton Magmas Arm / War Hammer Hammer
Maw of the Damned.png Maw of the Damned Pyroclastic Axe Axe
Memory of the Sky.png Memory of the Sky Winged Staff Staff
Mojo.png Mojo Straw Effigy Focus
Mountaincall Warhorn.png Mountaincall Warhorn Stormcaller Warhorn
Peacock Scepter.png Peacock Scepter Peacock's Wrath Scepter
Phoenix Reborn.png Phoenix Reborn Gemstone Axe Axe
Phoenix Talon.png Phoenix Talon Gemstone Axe Axe
Primordus Axe.png Primordus Axe Destroyer Axe Axe
Primordus Focus.png Primordus Focus Destroyer Focus Focus
Primordus Longbow.png Primordus Longbow Destroyer Longbow Longbow
Primordus Maul.png Primordus Maul Destroyer Maul Hammer
Primordus Pike.png Primordus Pike Destroyer Spear Spear
Primordus Scepter.png Primordus Scepter Destroyer Scepter Scepter
Primordus Shield.png Primordus Shield Destroyer Shield Shield
Primordus Short Bow.png Primordus Short Bow Destroyer Shortbow Short bow
Primordus Staff.png Primordus Staff Destroyer Staff Staff
Primordus Sword.png Primordus Sword Destroyer Sword Sword
Primordus Staff.png Primordus Trident Destroyer Staff Trident
Razorstone.png Razorstone Razorstone / Sephis Axe Axe
Remnant of Ascalon.png Remnant of Ascalon Foehammer Hammer
Shield of the Wing.png Shield of the Wing Shield of the Wing Shield
Stonespite Cleaver.png Stonespite Cleaver Deldrimor Axe Axe
Storm Bow.png Storm Bow Storm Bow Short bow
Stygian Axe.png Stygian Axe Stygian Reaver Axe
Sunscythe.png Sunscythe Barbed Axe Staff
Sunspear Standard.png Sunspear Sunspear Staff
Sunspear Waraxe.png Sunspear Warsickle Barbed Axe Axe
Suntouched Scythe Staff.png Suntouched Scythe Staff Suntouched Scythe Staff
The Punisher.png The Punisher Ball Hammer Hammer
The Ugly Stick.png The Ugly Stick The Ugly Stick Hammer
Tormented Axe.png Tormented Axe Tormented Axe Axe
Tormented Dagger.png Tormented Dagger Tormented Daggers Dagger
Tormented Focus.png Tormented Focus Tormented Focus Focus
Tormented Hammer.png Tormented Hammer Tormented Maul Hammer
Tormented Longbow.png Tormented Longbow Tormented Longbow Longbow
Tormented Scepter.png Tormented Scepter Tormented Scepter Scepter
Tormented Shield.png Tormented Shield Tormented Shield Shield
Tormented Short Bow.png Tormented Short Bow Tormented Shortbow Short bow
Tormented Spear.png Tormented Spear Tormented Spear Spear
Tormented Staff.png Tormented Staff Tormented Staff Staff
Tormented Sword.png Tormented Sword Tormented Sword Sword
Worn Voltaic Spear.png Worn Voltaic Spear Voltaic Spear Spear
Unspoken Curse.png Unspoken Curse Flamberge Sword
Usoku's Needle.png Usoku's Needle Sai Dagger
Wayward Wand Scepter.png Wayward Wand Scepter Wayward Wand Scepter
Winged Spatha.png Winged Spatha Spatha Sword
Wintergreen Dagger.png Wintergreen Dagger Wintergreen Daggers Dagger
Wintergreen Scepter.png Wintergreen Scepter Wintergreen Wand Scepter
Wintergreen Sword.png Wintergreen Sword Wintergreen Sword Sword
Zodiac Axe.png Zodiac Axe Zodiac Axe Axe
Zodiac Dagger.png Zodiac Dagger Zodiac Daggers Dagger
Zodiac Hammer.png Zodiac Hammer Zodiac Hammer / Rhino's Charge Hammer
Zodiac Longbow.png Zodiac Longbow Zodiac Longbow Longbow
Zodiac Scepter.png Zodiac Scepter Zodiac Scepter Scepter
Zodiac Shield.png Zodiac Shield Zodiac Shield Shield
Zodiac Staff.png Zodiac Staff Zodiac Staff Staff
Zodiac Short Bow.png Zodiac Short Bow Zodiac Longbow Short bow
Zodiac Sword.png Zodiac Sword Zodiac Sword Sword