List of Guild Wars 1 skins

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These skins resemble designs found in Guild Wars 1.


Guild Wars 2 skin(s) Guild Wars 1 counterpart(s) Type
Chaos Gloves.pngChaos Gloves Skin Chaos Gloves Gloves
Dragon Mask.pngDragon Mask Skin Dragon Mask Headgear
Ebon Epaulets.pngEbon Epaulets
Ebon Shoulders.pngEbon Shoulders
Ebon Pauldrons.pngEbon Pauldrons
Pauldrons worn by the Ebon Vanguard in Eye of the North Shoulders
Flame Eye.pngFlame Eye Elementalist Flame Eye Headgear
Freezie Crown.pngFreezie Crown Freezie Crown Headgear
Furrocious Cat Ears.pngFurrocious Cat Ears Furrocious Ears Headgear
Glacial Eye.pngGlacial Eye Elementalist Glacial Eye Headgear
Glacial Gauntlets.pngGlacial Gauntlets Glacial Gauntlets Gloves
Grenth Hood.pngGrenth Hood Skin Avatar of Grenth Gloves
Heritage armor (heavy) The warrior concept art displayed during character creation Set
Heritage armor (medium) Female Ranger Tyrian Armor, and the ranger concept art displayed during character creation Set
Heritage armor (light) Female Mesmer Courtly Armor, and the mesmer concept art displayed during character creation Set
Krytan Medium Armor Skin.pngKrytan Medium Armor Skin Ranger Krytan armor Set
Lion Mask.pngLion Mask Skin Lion Mask Headgear
Primeval Heavy Armor Skin.pngPrimeval Heavy Armor Skin Warrior Primeval armor Set
Prince Rurik's Vanguard Cape.pngPrince Rurik's Vanguard Cape Cape worn by Prince Rurik in Prophecies Back
Profane Light Armor Skin.pngProfane Light Armor Skin Necromancer Profane armor Set
Stone Eye.pngStone Eye Elementalist Stone Eye Headgear
Storm Eye.pngStorm Eye Elementalist Storm Eye Headgear
Shoulder Scarf.pngShoulder Scarf Stylish Scarves Shoulders
Witch's Hat.pngWitch's Hat Female Wicked Hat Headgear


Guild Wars 2 outfit Guild Wars 1 counterpart(s)
Balthazar's Regalia Outfit.pngBalthazar's Regalia Outfit Avatar of Balthazar
Dwayna's Regalia Outfit.pngDwayna's Regalia Outfit Avatar of Dwayna
Eve's Prophecies Outfit.pngEve's Prophecies Outfit Eve's armor from Prophecies
Gwen's Attire.pngGwen's Attire Gwen's Ebon Vanguard armor
Grenth's Regalia Outfit.pngGrenth's Regalia Outfit Avatar of Grenth
Jora's Outfit.pngJora's Outfit Jora's Norn armor
Lyssa's Regalia.pngLyssa's Regalia Avatar of Lyssa
Monk's Outfit.pngMonk's Outfit Monk Elite Woven armor
Primeval Dervish Outfit.pngPrimeval Dervish Outfit Dervish Primeval armor
Raiment of the Lich.pngRaiment of the Lich + Black Feather Wings Backpack.pngBlack Feather Wings Backpack Raiment of the Lich
Ritualist Outfit.pngRitualist Outfit Male Ritualist Seitung armor and female Ritualist Elite Luxon armor
Sunspear Outfit.pngSunspear Outfit Male and female Sunspear armor worn by NPC Sunspears in Nightfall
True Assassin's Guise Outfit.pngTrue Assassin's Guise Outfit Assassin Seitung armor from Factions


Guild Wars 2 weapon Guild Wars 1 counterpart(s) Type
Al'ir'aska.pngAl'ir'aska Voltaic Spear Spear
Anura.pngAnura Frog Scepter Scepter
Balthazar's Axe.pngBalthazar's Axe Balthazar's Axe Axe
Balthazar's Dagger.pngBalthazar's Dagger Balthazar's Daggers Dagger
Balthazar's Hammer.pngBalthazar's Hammer Balthazar's Hammer Hammer
Balthazar's Longbow.pngBalthazar's Longbow Balthazar's Bow Longbow
Balthazar's Scepter.pngBalthazar's Scepter Balthazar's Rod Scepter
Balthazar's Shield.pngBalthazar's Shield Balthazar's Shield Shield
Balthazar's Staff.pngBalthazar's Staff Balthazar's Staff Staff
Balthazar's Sword.pngBalthazar's Sword Balthazar's Sword Sword
Bo.pngBo Bo Staff Staff
Bone Dragon Staff.pngBone Dragon Staff Skin Bone Dragon Staff Staff
Bow of the Pale Stag.pngBow of the Pale Stag Ivory Bow Short bow
Bow of the White Hart.pngBow of the White Hart Ivory Bow Longbow
Branded Eye of Argon.pngBranded Eye of Argon Eye of Argon Shield
Breath of Flame.pngBreath of Flame Wingblade Sword Greatsword
Ceremonial Bulwark.pngCeremonial Bulwark Imperial Dragon Shield Shield
Ceremonial Scimitar.pngCeremonial Scimitar Imperial Dragon Sword Greatsword
Ceremonial Winged Axe.pngCeremonial Winged Axe Imperial Dragon Axe Axe
Candy Cane Dagger.pngCandy Cane Dagger Peppermint Daggers Dagger
Candy Cane Scepter.pngCandy Cane Scepter Candy Cane Wand Scepter
Candy Cane Sword.pngCandy Cane Sword Candy Cane Sword Sword
Celestial Compass Skin.pngCelestial Compass Celestial Compass Focus
Centurions Claw.pngCenturions Claw Ungues of the Oni Dagger
Chaos Axe.pngChaos Axe Chaos Axe Axe
Chimeric Prism Focus.pngChimeric Prism Focus Storm Artifact Focus
Claws of the Desert.pngClaws of the Desert Salient Daggers Dagger
Crystalline Blade.pngCrystalline Blade Crystalline Sword Sword
Daredevil's Staff.pngDaredevil's Staff Bo Staff Staff
Deathwish.pngDeathwish Bone Staff Staff
Deldrimor Mace.pngDeldrimor Mace Deldrimor Scepter Mace
Delusion.pngDelusion Jeweled Staff Staff
Destroyer Axe.pngDestroyer Axe Destroyer Axe Axe
Destroyer Focus.pngDestroyer Focus Destroyer Focus Focus
Destroyer Longbow.pngDestroyer Longbow Destroyer Longbow Longbow
Destroyer Maul.pngDestroyer Maul Destroyer Maul Hammer
Destroyer Pike.pngDestroyer Pike Destroyer Spear Spear
Destroyer Scepter.pngDestroyer Scepter Destroyer Scepter Scepter
Destroyer Scythe.pngDestroyer Scythe Destroyer Scythe Staff
Destroyer Shield.pngDestroyer Shield Destroyer Shield Shield
Destroyer Short Bow.pngDestroyer Short Bow Destroyer Shortbow Short bow
Destroyer Staff.pngDestroyer Staff Destroyer Staff Staff
Destroyer Sword.pngDestroyer Sword Destroyer Sword Sword
Destroyer Staff.pngDestroyer Trident Destroyer Staff Trident
Diamond Aegis Shield.pngDiamond Aegis Shield Diamond Aegis Shield
Draconic Staff.pngDraconic Staff Draconic Scythe Staff
Dragonspine.pngDragonspine Serrated Spear Spear
Dragon Kama.pngDragon Kama Dragon Kamas Dagger
Dreadwing.pngDreadwing Mammoth Axe Axe
Droknar's Recurve Bow.pngDroknar's Recurve Bow Half Moon Longbow
Droknar's Short Bow.pngDroknar's Short Bow Half Moon Short bow
Eibhear DunnÉibhear Dunn.pngÉibhear Dunn Stoneshard Hornbow Longbow
Eibhear FinnÉibhear Finn.pngÉibhear Finn Stoneshard Hornbow Short bow
Elemental Sword.pngElemental Sword Elemental Sword Sword
Emberglow.pngEmberglow Fire Wand Scepter
Emberspire.pngEmberspire Fire Staff Staff
Emissary's Staff.pngEmissary's Staff Envoy Staff Staff
Envoy Scythe Staff Skin.pngEnvoy Scythe Staff Skin Envoy Scythe Staff
Faithful.pngFaithful Spiked Axe Axe
Fellblade.pngFellblade Fellblade Greatsword
Fiery Blade Axe.pngFiery Blade Axe Fiery Blade Axe Axe
Fiery Dragon Sword.pngFiery Dragon Sword Fiery Dragon Sword Sword
Final Curse.pngFinal Curse Dead Bow Longbow
Final Sting.pngFinal Sting Deldrimor Knives Dagger
Firebringer.pngFirebringer Fiery Gladius Sword
Funerary Shield.pngFunerary Shield Aureate Aegis Shield
Gnarled Walking Staff.pngGnarled Walking Staff Traveler's Walking Stick Staff
Destroyer Scythe.pngGreat Destroyer's Talon Destroyer Scythe Staff
Hypnotic Scepter.pngHypnotic Scepter Hypnotic Scepter Scepter
Honor of Humanity.pngHonor of Humanity Gladius Sword
Hourglass Staff.pngHourglass Staff Hourglass Staff Staff
Icebreaker.pngIcebreaker The Ice Breaker Hammer
Icy Blade Axe.pngIcy Blade Axe Icy Blade Axe Axe
Imryldyeen.pngImryldyeen Chrysocola Staff Staff
Infinite Wisdom.pngInfinite Wisdom Earth Scroll Focus
Ithas Longbow.pngIthas Longbow Ithas Bow Longbow
Delusion.pngStrong Jeweled Trident Jeweled Staff Trident
Jora's Defender.pngJora's Defender Round Shield Shield
Icy Dragon Sword.pngIcy Dragon Sword Icy Dragon Sword Sword
Kenshi's Wing.pngKenshi's Wing Kenshi's Butterfly Daggers Dagger
Kryta's Embrace.pngKryta's Embrace Tall Shield Shield
Kryta's Salvation.pngKryta's Salvation Hand Axe / Krytan Axe / White Reaver Axe
Kymswarden.pngKymswarden Long Sword Greatsword
Kurzick Dual Axe.pngKurzick Dual Axe Skin Gothic Dual Axe Axe
Labrys.pngLabrys Crude Axe Axe
Living Short Bow.pngLiving Short Bow Dryad Bow Short bow
Magmaton.pngMagmaton Magmas Arm / War Hammer Hammer
Maw of the Damned.pngMaw of the Damned Pyroclastic Axe Axe
Memory of the Sky.pngMemory of the Sky Winged Staff Staff
Mojo.pngMojo Straw Effigy Focus
Mountaincall Warhorn.pngMountaincall Warhorn Stormcaller Warhorn
Peacock Scepter.pngPeacock Scepter Peacock's Wrath Scepter
Phoenix Reborn.pngPhoenix Reborn Gemstone Axe Axe
Phoenix Talon.pngPhoenix Talon Gemstone Axe Axe
Razorstone.pngRazorstone Razorstone / Sephis Axe Axe
Remnant of Ascalon.pngRemnant of Ascalon Foehammer Hammer
Shield of the Wing.pngShield of the Wing Shield of the Wing Shield
Stonespite Cleaver.pngStonespite Cleaver Deldrimor Axe Axe
Storm Bow.pngStorm Bow Storm Bow Short bow
Stygian Axe.pngStygian Axe Stygian Reaver Axe
Sunscythe.pngSunscythe Barbed Axe Staff
Sunspear Standard.pngSunspear Sunspear Staff
Sunspear Waraxe.pngSunspear Warsickle Barbed Axe Axe
Suntouched Scythe Staff.pngSuntouched Scythe Staff Suntouched Scythe Staff
Tengu Echo Axe.pngTengu Echo Axe Tengu Axe Axe
Tengu Echo Sword.pngTengu Echo Sword Tengu Sword Sword
The Punisher.pngThe Punisher Ball Hammer Hammer
The Ugly Stick.pngThe Ugly Stick The Ugly Stick Hammer
Tormented Axe.pngTormented Axe Tormented Axe Axe
Tormented Dagger.pngTormented Dagger Tormented Daggers Dagger
Tormented Focus.pngTormented Focus Tormented Focus Focus
Tormented Hammer.pngTormented Hammer Tormented Maul Hammer
Tormented Longbow.pngTormented Longbow Tormented Longbow Longbow
Tormented Scepter.pngTormented Scepter Tormented Scepter Scepter
Tormented Shield.pngTormented Shield Tormented Shield Shield
Tormented Short Bow.pngTormented Short Bow Tormented Shortbow Short bow
Tormented Spear.pngTormented Spear Tormented Spear Spear
Tormented Staff.pngTormented Staff Tormented Staff Staff
Tormented Sword.pngTormented Sword Tormented Sword Sword
Toy Candy Cane Hammer.pngToy Candy Cane Hammer Candy Cane Hammer Hammer
Worn Voltaic Spear.pngWorn Voltaic Spear Voltaic Spear Spear
Unspoken Curse.pngUnspoken Curse Flamberge Sword
Usoku's Needle.pngUsoku's Needle Sai Dagger
Wayward Wand Scepter.pngWayward Wand Scepter Wayward Wand Scepter
Winged Spatha.pngWinged Spatha Spatha Sword
Wintergreen Dagger.pngWintergreen Dagger Wintergreen Daggers Dagger
Wintergreen Scepter.pngWintergreen Scepter Wintergreen Wand Scepter
Wintergreen Sword.pngWintergreen Sword Wintergreen Sword Sword
Zodiac Axe.pngZodiac Axe Zodiac Axe Axe
Zodiac Dagger.pngZodiac Dagger Zodiac Daggers Dagger
Zodiac Hammer.pngZodiac Hammer Zodiac Hammer / Rhino's Charge Hammer
Zodiac Longbow.pngZodiac Longbow Zodiac Longbow Longbow
Zodiac Scepter.pngZodiac Scepter Zodiac Scepter Scepter
Zodiac Shield.pngZodiac Shield Zodiac Shield Shield
Zodiac Staff.pngZodiac Staff Zodiac Staff Staff
Zodiac Short Bow.pngZodiac Short Bow Zodiac Longbow Short bow
Zodiac Sword.pngZodiac Sword Zodiac Sword Sword