Defeat Chhk the Windmill King

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Defeat Chhk the Windmill King

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Chhk the Windmill King is a hero challenge in Scaver Plateau. You can find Chhk at the top of the plateau by traversing the path that winds around it, starting from a wooden platform outside the cave.


  • Chhk the Windmill King
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  • Chhk the Windmill King


There is a random sample of six of the following bundles scattered behind Chhk at a time, most which provide an interrupt skill. When picked up and consumed, a new random weapon (not guaranteed to be the same as the one previously consumed) will appear in its place a little while later.

Weapon Interrupt Skill
Throw Keg.png
Garden Hoe
Smash (Driftwood).png
Metal Bar
Stunning Strike.png
 Stunning Strike
Splintered Gate Piece
Plank Buster.png
 Plank Buster
Wooden Sword
Plank Smash.png
 Sword Smash
Egg[1] 0No
Bomb (bundle skill).png
  1. ^ This is the only bundle that can be found spawning in the area that doesn't provide a knockback skill, instead offering healing.