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ArenaNet employee

Ben Miller

Game Designer

Game Designer Ben Miller graduated from the Art Institute of Phoenix with a bachelor’s degree in game design. After a short stint at a small publisher working on hunting games, doing graphic design, and putting together proposals for various high profile intellectual properties, he packed his bags and moved up to Seattle to work on the original Guild Wars. Most notably Ben was the campaign lead for Guild Wars: Nightfall, and Eye Of The North. On Guild Wars 2, Ben has been a secret agent of sorts, working on everything from Audio to UI\UX to MTX and beyond. Right now he spends his time doing what he loves: writing flavor text for karma items.

— ArenaNet blog

Ben Miller was a game designer for ArenaNet. After graduating from the Art Institute of Phoenix with a degree in Game Art and Design, he moved into the game industry as a project manager for ARUSH Entertainment where he worked on Playboy: The Mansion, and various other titles. While working for ArenaNet, he was also the lead designer for Eye of the North.



  • Lead Game Designer
    • June 2004 – September 2016