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Astral Wisp

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Astral Wisp.png

Astral Wisp

Ranger icon small.png Ranger (skill list)
Druid icon small.png Druid
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0.75¾ Activation time  8 Recharge time  

Send a wisp to attach to your target. While attached, it will circle the target, healing nearby allies.

 Damage.png Damage: 323 (0.8)?
 Healing.png Healing: 322 (0.1)?
 Healing.png Healing: 322 (0.2)?
 Miscellaneous effect.png Pulses: 4
 Radius.png Radius: 300
 Range.png Range: 1,200

— In-game description

Related traits[edit]

Druid Druid


  • The wisp does not behave like a normal projectile; it slides across the ground and can easily fall off ledges or cliffs before reaching its target.
  • The heal is equal to (2 + Level^2 * 0.05 + Healing Power * 0.1).
In PvE, the healing coefficient appears to be 0.15. At 0 healing power, the skill does an expected heal per pulse of 322 * 1.2 (from natural mender trait) = 386, while at 1000 healing power, it does a heal per pulse of (322 + 1000 * 0.15) * 1.2 = 566.

Version history[edit]

For a detailed skill history, see here.

Patch Changes
November 29, 2022
  • Increased heal attribute scaling from 0.1 to 0.2 in WvW only.
October 18, 2022
  • Fixed an issue that caused this skill to display as out of range when an ally was targeted.
October 06, 2022
  • Fixed an issue that caused the projectile to fail to attach to the intended target.
October 04, 2022
  • This skill can now target allies. After attaching to a target, this skill will now pulse healing to allies around that target instead of creating a circling projectile that heals allies.
  • (Undocumented) Radius increased to 300. Number of pulses reduced to 4.
October 23, 2015 Heart of Thorns release:
  • Astral Wisp has been added to the game.