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Dialogue for Kae Mayumi from past Living World releases can be found here.


Hello. Feel free to buy from any of the merchants in our caravan. We have weapons, crafting recipes, food clothing, boons, and more. Take your time; looks like we're not going anywhere for a while.
Talk more option tango.png What's stopping you?
The tengu. We'd hoped they'd let us pass, but whenever we approach their gate, they raise their bows. Unfortunately, none of us speak Canthan... or whatever it is they're speaking, so we're at a stand-off.
Talk more option tango.png But aren't you tengu?
You might say I'm a lapsed tengu. My family emigrated to Kryta from Cantha when Emperor Usoko[sic] began his crusade against non-humans. And there aren't a lot of other tengu in Lion's Arch's melting pot.
Talk end option tango.png I hope you find an answer to your impasse.
Talk end option tango.png You'll work something out. See you.
Talk end option tango.png Thanks for the suggestion.
After the attack on Lion's Arch
I spent six years building my store. It's all gone.
Talk end option tango.png Good-bye.