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Zei Ri was a reformed member of the Ministry of Purity and ally of the Hero of Cantha. He is the ancestor of Balam Ri.


Zei was an early recruit to the Ministry of Purity under Reiko Murakami.[1] Sometime in 1589 CC in Kaineng Center, he met one of the heroes responsible for the defeat of the resurrected Shiro Tagachi. Recognizing them by their reputation, he expressed admiration for them and thanked them for aiding Cantha. He explained to them that following their defeat of Shiro, the Empire of the Dragon had continued to fight against the lingering Afflicted, and in order to combat the remnants of the Affliction, the Ministry of Purity had formed. Following his explanation on the Ministry's history, he requested their aid in slaying the infected humans within Bukdek Byway in northern Kaineng City.

While battling groups of Afflicted, Zei reflected on how despite his experience dealing with them, he could not forget that they were once human, and mused on the terror they must have felt while losing themselves to the plague. He mentioned to the hero that he could not help but wonder about what the lives of the Afflicted must have been like prior to their corruption. Following the hordes being driven back from Bukdek Byway, he returned to the city center, where he thanked the hero for their actions in freeing the souls trapped within the twisted Canthans. Zei requested the hero's future cooperation in purging the city.

Following the cleansing of Bukdek Byway, he requested their assistance in cleansing Shadow's Passage, and during their battles against the blighted monsters, Ri reflected on his efforts with the Ministry in cleansing Cantha. After defeating the Afflicted, he returned to the city center, where he and the hero headed to Shenzun Tunnels to engage in a skirmish against another group of them. Due to Bejunkan Pier being held under siege by Afflicted attackers, the Ministry of Purity was unable to provide many reinforcements, and sent four of Zei's fellow initiates to battle the monsters.

With the battle complete, Zei thanked the hero for their efforts and suggested that they use the money rewarded to wash the stench of the sewers off them. Some time after, the two headed to the Undercity, with Ri noting that the citizens of Kaineng had begun to appreciate their efforts against the remnants of the Affliction. Arriving in the Undercity, he expressed distaste for the underground district, and began to battle the Afflicted. During their assault on the blighted Canthans, Zei confessed to the hero that prior to joining the Ministry, he was driven solely by his own grief over what he had lost during the Affliction.


  • Ri's name is not written in the standard format for modern Canthan names, where the family name is listed prior to the given name.


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