08 Suzhen 1637 CC

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08 Suzhen 1637 CC

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08 Suzhen 1637 CC is a letter found in Sunqua Peak Fractal.


The Mists


A small note. It looks handwritten and is addressed to someone in particular.
Talk more option tango.png Read the letter.
08 Suzhen 1637 CC


Read this one alone.

I'm not sure I can be here. I didn't know... What they're asking of us is...it's cruelty, Ai. Anyone who disobeys, anyone who shows sign of the affliction...anyone not human...

They tell us that we're purging a sickness from the empire, that we're securing our home for generations of peace. That we're bringing order to a lawless land.

This isn't peace. This isn't order. It's murder, Ai. I'm not a murderer.

I can't do this.

Hyo-Sonn and I are planning to leave. We think we can break away from the main force during the raid and make it to the coastline. If we follow the coast north, Hyo-Sonn says there's a small fishing village her grandmother took her to when she was young. She thinks we can find safe passage there. A way back home.

I suspect this will be the last letter you receive for a while.

Stay strong. See you soon.


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