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Door to the Past

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Door to the Past is hidden A Star to Guide Us achievement. Players are tasked with finding five runes used to unlock a secret door in Sun's Refuge.


This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Door to the Past A Star to Guide Us 3Achievement points
Find and place all five runes to open the ancient doors in Sun's Refuge.Sun's Refuge has served all kinds of purposes over time. 3Achievement points


Players must first purchase a Pact Excavation Contract from Warmaster Steelburn, the Pact Vanguard heart vendor, after completing the renown heart. This opens up a new area in Sun's Refuge with five rune slots. Gathering the five runes and opening the door grants the achievement. The Splendid Chest inside can be looted daily, but the 5 runes must be gathered again to open it on subsequent days.

Runes drop from any foe in Jahai Bluffs (aside from ambient creatures) once the Pact Excavation Contract has been unlocked, as long as the rune is not already in the player's inventory.

Rune of the Vine.png Rune of the Vine
Rune of the Wind.png Rune of the Wind
Rune of the Earth (trophy).png Rune of the Earth
Rune of the Thorn.png Rune of the Thorn
Rune of the Seed.png Rune of the Seed