Ardent Glorious armor

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Ardent Glorious armor
Ardent Glorious armor (light) human female front.jpg Ardent Glorious armor (medium) human female front.jpg Ardent Glorious armor (heavy) human female front.jpg
Light Medium Heavy

Ardent Glorious armor is a PvP-exclusive Ascended or Legendary armor set that can be acquired from earning rewards in PvP Leagues. Crafting the legendary armor set requires the corresponding ascended armor piece.

Players may freely choose stat sets for each piece. This stat selection can be changed in the mystic forge however the skin will change to the corresponding illustrious armor skin. Furthermore, stat-swapping via mystic forge will make the armor incapable of being upgraded to Legendary tier.


Heart of the Mists


Piece Light Medium Heavy
Helm Ardent Glorious Crown.png Ardent Glorious Crown Ardent Glorious Cap.png Ardent Glorious Cap Ardent Glorious Plate Helm.png Ardent Glorious Plate Helm
Shoulders Ardent Glorious Epaulets.png Ardent Glorious Epaulets Ardent Glorious Shoulderguards.png Ardent Glorious Shoulderguards Ardent Glorious Pauldrons.png Ardent Glorious Pauldrons
Coat Ardent Glorious Raiment.png Ardent Glorious Raiment Ardent Glorious Brigandine.png Ardent Glorious Brigandine Ardent Glorious Breastplate.png Ardent Glorious Breastplate
Gloves Ardent Glorious Armguards.png Ardent Glorious Armguards Ardent Glorious Wristplates.png Ardent Glorious Wristplates Ardent Glorious Gauntlets.png Ardent Glorious Gauntlets
Leggings Ardent Glorious Leggings.png Ardent Glorious Leggings Ardent Glorious Legguards.png Ardent Glorious Legguards Ardent Glorious Legplates.png Ardent Glorious Legplates
Boots Ardent Glorious Footgear.png Ardent Glorious Footgear Ardent Glorious Shinplates.png Ardent Glorious Shinplates Ardent Glorious Wargreaves.png Ardent Glorious Wargreaves

Wardrobe skin links[edit]

Skin preview codes
Armor class Headgear Shoulders Chest Gloves Leggings Boots


  • Players can purchase either the Exotic armor skin or the pricier Ascended armor piece to unlock the wardrobe skin for the Mistforged Glorious Hero's armor set.
    • It is recommended that you do not attempt to stat change your precursor item with the standard stat swap recipe in the Mystic Forge. Whilst you will be provided with an item with the desired stats, it will have been replaced with a generic asended item that cannot be used as a legendary precursor.

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