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Dragon Slayer Arms Master

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Dragon Slayer Arms Master is a Champions achievement.


This achievement rewards items. Dragon Slayer Arms Master Champions 20Achievement points
Unlock all recipes to craft the Dragon Slayer weapons.
  • Tier
1: Recipe sheet exotic decoration.png Recipe: Prismatium Ingot
  • Tier
2: Prismaticite Crystal.png Prismaticite Crystal (2)
  • Tier
3: Amalgamated Gemstone.png Amalgamated Gemstone
  • Tier
4: Prismaticite Crystal.png Prismaticite Crystal (5)
  • Tier
5: Amalgamated Gemstone.png Amalgamated Gemstone (2)
  • Tier
6: Prismaticite Crystal.png Prismaticite Crystal (5)
  • Tier
7: Amalgamated Gemstone.png Amalgamated Gemstone (3)
  • Tier
8: Prismaticite Crystal.png Prismaticite Crystal (10)
  • Tier
9: Amalgamated Gemstone.png Amalgamated Gemstone (3)

Collected 1 Recipe 1Achievement points
Collected 2 Recipes 1Achievement points
Collected 4 Recipes 1Achievement points
Collected 6 Recipes 2Achievement points
Collected 8 Recipes 2Achievement points
Collected 10 Recipes 2Achievement points
Collected 12 Recipes 3Achievement points
Collected 14 Recipes 3Achievement points
Collected 16 Recipes 5Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Collectible Type Subtype Notes


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