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Chantry of Secrets

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Chantry of Secrets

Point of interest.png

Chantry of Secrets location.jpg
Map of Chantry of Secrets

Connects to
Straits of Devastation

Chantry of Secrets loading screen.jpg
Loading screen

Chantry of Secrets.jpg
The Order Threat Assessment Board in the Chantry.

The Chantry of Secrets is the Order of Whispers' base of operations in Tyria. It is hidden inside the Deadend Cave on Stormbluff Isle, located in the Bloodtide Coast. The Chantry consists of an antechamber and a larger chamber. It is accessable by everyone and is an explorable area. Inside the cave are a Weapon and an Armor Requisitioner that sell Rare armor and weapons with looks unique to the Order.

Inside the antechamber is a large rotating globe and an asura gate with restricted access that leads to Fort Trinity. The globe is the Order Threat Assessment Board, indicating draconic and other supernatural threats on a huge scale. Much of the globe has not been explored by the Order, and as a result that space is used as expanded views for the areas that they are monitoring, and the end result does not look like the “real” world.[1]


[edit] Locations

Asura gate (map icon).png
Asura Gates
Fort Trinity
Point of interest.png
Points of Interest
Sanctum of Secrets - Note that this counts towards the "Krytan Explorer" achievement track.

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

Armor Requisitioner Betje
Weapon Requisitioner Illiam

[edit] Headquarters Activity

Little is known about the true extent of the order's activity, but the larger chamber contains clues to various activities:

  • Cartography and mass map printing of Tyrian maps.
  • Technological research & development, such as Portals
  • Communication with other outposts (with some strange typewriter device)
  • Warfare training

Some clues also indicate surveillance of other countries such as Cantha, and possibly Elona.

Maps of the following are present inside the large chamber:

The Order seems to use advanced technology, such as:

  • Gutenberg-like printing machines
  • Huge Mechanical arm for a magnifying glass
  • Power generators

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Notes

Although this area gives a reward chest for finding the one Point of Interest, there is nothing inside upon opening. However, you still get experience.
Please note that the rotating globe has a strange rotation.
The mass-printed maps inside Large Chamber are mirrored and refer to the old topography of Tyria (as seen in Guild Wars).

[edit] References

Gwwlogo.png The Guild Wars Wiki has an article on Chantry of Secrets.
  1. ^ Dolyak Express Jan 10, 2014, official Guild Wars 2 forums
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