Whisper's Secret weapons

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Whisper's Secret weapons

Concept art by David Bolton.

Whisper's Secret weapons are a weapon set available for members of the Order of Whispers.

Variant summary[edit]


Skin Type Game link
Main hand
Whisper's Secret Axe.png Whisper's Secret Axe Axe
Whisper's Secret Dagger.png Whisper's Secret Dagger Dagger
Whisper's Secret Mace.png Whisper's Secret Mace Mace
Whisper's Secret Pistol.png Whisper's Secret Pistol Pistol
Whisper's Secret Scepter.png Whisper's Secret Scepter Scepter
Whisper's Secret Sword.png Whisper's Secret Sword Sword
Off hand
Whisper's Secret Focus.png Whisper's Secret Focus Focus
Whisper's Secret Shield.png Whisper's Secret Shield Shield
Whisper's Secret Torch.png Whisper's Secret Torch Torch
Whisper's Secret Warhorn.png Whisper's Secret Warhorn Warhorn
Whisper's Secret Greatsword.png Whisper's Secret Greatsword Greatsword
Whisper's Secret Hammer.png Whisper's Secret Hammer Hammer
Whisper's Secret Longbow.png Whisper's Secret Longbow Longbow
Whisper's Secret Rifle.png Whisper's Secret Rifle Rifle
Whisper's Secret Short Bow.png Whisper's Secret Short Bow Short bow
Whisper's Secret Staff.png Whisper's Secret Staff Staff
Whisper's Secret Speargun.png Whisper's Secret Speargun Harpoon gun
Whisper's Secret Harpoon.png Whisper's Secret Harpoon Spear
Whisper's Secret Trident.png Whisper's Secret Trident Trident


  • Five weapons fold up by the hinges when sheathed (greatsword, sword, dagger, focus and axe), while the remaining weapons do not. [1]
  • Some of them also have an animation of small spinning cogs.


  • These weapons cannot be salvaged, sold to merchants, sold on the Trading Post, or placed into the Mystic Forge.
  • Buying the full set of all weapon skins will cost 79 Gold coin 92 Silver coin.
  • Whisperer weapons (PvP) unlocked skins for this set with the April 15, 2014 game update.