Watchman's Roost

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Watchman's Roost

Storyteller- Melandru 3 map.jpg
Map of Watchman's Roost

Point of Interest
Merciless Shore
(Siren's Landing)
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Watchman's Roost.jpg

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Interactive map

The Watchman's Roost is a point of interest within the Merciless Shore. This ruined tower stands on the edge of Melandru's Reliquary, looking down onto the murky shore below.

Getting there[edit]

  • From the Southeast Shrine, head north to the first updraft, and use it to reach the top of the glass dome. From the top, glide towards the left-hand side of the Watchman's Roost tower and into a second updraft, and then into a third updraft to reach the main tower platform.