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User Whatliesbeneath Golemancer Tixx 2.png
User Whatliesbeneath background 2 golemancertixx.png


Far Shiverpeaks (EU)
In-game ID
[UP] Underpowered Community
Best Title
Wondrous Achiever

Map Explored 100%.png Been There, Done That - 100%
Mastery point large.png Mastery Rank - 274
Phoenix rank.pngPvp Rank: Phoenix - 71

WvW Ability Point.png WvW Rank: Mithril Assaulter ~4500

Tier4wvw.png Realm Avenger Tier 4 ~180.000

Underpowered Community

User Qiwi Up logo 512.png

AP.pngAchievement Points - 33,866
AP.pngAchievement Leaderboard ~850

Account Bonuses
Gold Find.pngGold Find - 103%
Karma Gain.pngKarma Gain - 26%
XP Gain.pngXP Gain - 39%
Magic Find (account bonus).pngMagic Find - 317%

Hall of Monuments
Hall of Monuments (achievement).pngTotal - 15/50
User Whatliesbeneath Devotion.jpgDevotion - 8/8
User Whatliesbeneath Fellowship.jpgFellowship - 1/8
User Whatliesbeneath Honor Hall of Monument.jpgHonor - 3/18
User Whatliesbeneath Resilience.jpgResilience - 0/8
User Whatliesbeneath Valor Hall of Monument.jpgValor - 3/8

Home Instance Unlocks[edit]

Advanced Leather Rack.png Advanced Cloth Rack.png Basic Cloth Rack.png Basic Leather Rack.png Gift of Magnanimity.png Personal Airship Cargo Voucher.png Personal Bandit Chest.png Personal Crystallized Supply Cache Voucher.png Personal Exalted Chest Voucher.png Supply Cache (item).png

Aurillium Node.png Bauble Gathering System.png Basic Ore Node Pack.png Bloodstone Crystal Node.png Brandstone Node.png Difluorite Crystal Cluster Node.png Gift of Candy Corn.png Gift of Quartz.png Gift of Candy Corn.png Jade Fragment Node.png Platinum Mining Node.png Platinum Mining Node.png Orichalcum Mining Node.png

Ancient Wood Logging Node.png Basic Lumber Node Pack.png Elder Wood Logging Node.png Fire Orchid Node.png Hard Wood Logging Node.png Petrified Wood Node.png

Basic Harvesting Node Pack.png Black Lion Garden Plot Deed.png2x Ghost Pepper Harvesting Node.png Lotus Harvesting Node.png Omnomberry Harvesting Node.png Orrian Truffle Harvesting Node.png Orrian Oyster Node.png Snow Truffle Harvesting Node.png Winterberry Bush Node.png

Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Krait Obelisk Shard (item).png

Legendary Equipment[edit]

Nevermore.png Sunrise.png Twilight.png Kudzu.png Meteorlogicus.png The Binding of Ipos.png

Warbringer.png The Ascension.png


Perfected Envoy Helmet.png

Raid Bosses Killed[edit]

Mini Vale Guardian.png Mini Gorseval the Multifarious.png Mini Sabetha.png Mini Slothasor.png Mini Matthias Abomination.png Mini McLeod the Silent.png Mini Keep Construct.png Xera (Illusion).jpg Mini Cairn the Indomitable.png Mini Mursaat Overseer.png Mini Samarog.png User Qiwi Deimos icon.png Mini Desmina.png Mini Broken King.png Mini Dhuum.png