Explosive Leap

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Explosive Leap.png

Explosive Leap

1 Activation time  20 Recharge time  Ground-targeted  

Common Common
Scrap Rifle Field Test
Weapon slot 3
Explosive Leap.png → Explosive Disengagement.png
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Blast the ground, damaging nearby foes and leaping to your target.

 Damage.png Leap Damage: 1,302
 Damage.png Landing Damage: 2,603
 Vulnerability.png10 Vulnerability (10s): 10% Incoming Damage, 10% Incoming Condition Damage
 Stun.png Stun(3s): Unable to act.
 Heat Level.png5 Heat Level: When your scrap rifle reaches 100% heat, throw it before it explodes!
 Number of targets.png Number of Targets: 5
 Radius.png Radius: 240
 Combo.png Combo Finisher: Leap
 Range.png Range: 700

— In-game description [?]


Skill fact for stun uses irregular formatting.