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Spearmarshal's Lament (instance)

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire.

Spearmarshal's Lament

Yahnur Plateau
(Domain of Vabbi)
Spearmarshal's Lament is the final step in unlocking the griffon mount.

Getting there[edit]

Interact with the plinths circling the statue of Kormir at the Sunspear Sanctuary after completing Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom. Party members may not enter the instance with you, thus you must complete it solo.







At the beginning of the instance
Awakened Soldier: I smell prey.
<Character Name>: Look out!
Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch: (laugh) No Sunspear can escape the Mordant Crescent for long.
<Character Name>: I won't let you touch them.
Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch: Are you truly bold enough to challenge the Mordant Crescent?
<Character Name>: I may not be a Sunspear, but I promise you a challenge.
Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch: Your defiance counts for nothing, here at the end of things.
Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch: One by one, your order will fall.
After defeating the Champion Mordant Crescent Hierarch
The Last Spearmarshal: You've done much to help the Sunspears. You are now one of them in all but name.
The Last Spearmarshal: This sanctuary you've built will serve as a beacon of hope for our beleaguered order.
The Last Spearmarshal: I thank you. The Sunspears thank you. And the griffons thank you.
The Last Spearmarshal: Your griffon will fly to you, wherever and whenever you call.
The Last Spearmarshal: Through its eyes, I will watch over you both.
The Last Spearmarshal: Now go. Take us into battle once again.

Related achievements[edit]

There is a chance after completing the Open Skies: Sunspear Wisdom collection that the pedestals at the Sunspear Sanctuary will not provide the appropriate dialogue to finish this achievement.