Stick of Cotton Candy

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Stick of Cotton Candy.png

Stick of Cotton Candy

Item type
Req. level
Account Bound
Copper coin
Game link
Double-click to consume.
Nourishment food.png Nourishment (10 m): Gain Health Every Second
+10% Experience from Kills

— In-game description


Dropped by[edit]

NPC Level Rank Locations Quantity
Choya Piñata 80 Legendary Free City of Amnoon (Crystal Oasis) 1

Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
Edwon Edwon Shire of Beetletun Queensdale 16 Copper coin
Esta the Carny Esta the Carny Dwayna Low Road Divinity's Reach 16 Copper coin
Gabby the Carny Gabby the Carny Plaza of Dwayna Divinity's Reach 16 Copper coin
Hal the Carny Hal the Carny Western Commons Divinity's Reach 16 Copper coin
Jeremi the Carny Jeremi the Carny District Promenade Divinity's Reach 16 Copper coin
Mach the Carny Mach the Carny Dwayna Low Road Divinity's Reach 16 Copper coin
Merchant (Short Fuse) Merchant   Short Fuse (story) 16 Copper coin
Race Prizes Race Prizes Dominion Killing Zone
Hrothgar's Pass
Noxin Dells
Provern Shore
The Gallowfields
The Stychs
Dalada Forest
Kessex Hills
Snowden Drifts
Diessa Plateau
Gendarran Fields
Brisban Wildlands
Mount Maelstrom
Grothmar Valley
Racing Medallion
Royal Messenger Laren Royal Messenger Laren The Siege Plains
Warrior's Crown
Fields of Ruin
Fields of Ruin
16 Copper coin
Ruth the Carny Ruth the Carny Dwayna Low Road Divinity's Reach 16 Copper coin
Kalf Kalf (item currently unavailable) Trade Commons Hoelbrak 16 Copper coin


  • The health gained per second is 21 and is unaffected by Healing Power.