Cantle of Sky

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Cantle of Sky

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
Game link
Cluster of Winds.jpg

The Cluster of Winds

A fragment of air used to unlock the Sylvan Chest.

— In-game description

Diving goggles

The Cantle of Sky is one of four items required to unlock Dierdre's chest in the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle in Dierdre's Steps. It is obtained from the Cluster of Winds in the north of the Hidden Garden. There's a cave in the north west corner with several spiders in it, run to the back of the cave and you can find ledges jutting from the sides and several large mushrooms to jump across. From there it's a rather simple path all the way to the end.

You'll find the cluster surrounded by Air Elementals. You can run in and grab it without getting hit. There's also a pair of diving goggles on the ledge. Wear them and jump down into the water below to advance the Dive Master achievement.

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