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Keep It Up

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Keep It Up is a The Wizard's Tower achievement that requires players to successfully complete a Globolla Marble game across The Wizard's Tower zone. The game can be redone after the achievement has been obtained, after the finished game resets.


Keep It Up The Wizard's Tower Secrets of the Obscure mastery point 3Achievement points
Release aetheric energy from the vault and guide it to the Mystic Forge without letting it break and disperse.Do the wizards have to endure this, too? Guided Aetheric Energy 1 Time 3Achievement points


  • Activate the third orb on the left wall in the Point of interest (map icon).png Wizard's Vault.
  • Guide the Globolla Marble through The Wizard's Tower by standing in the circles.
After completion
  • The end of the minigame spawns a glowing orb in the Empyrean Plaza. Jumping or flying into this orb will grant the player the Solar Flare.png You are a being of pure light and energy. effect, allowing them to float around the Wizard's Tower.
    • This orb stays only for a limited amount of time after the game's completed, and the minigame must be finished again to respawn it.
    • The orb will be available to anyone in the map, regardless if they participated in the game that spawned it in.
    • While transformed, players are still capable of participating in the Help the Astral Ward collect the objects falling out of the portal event. The  Ancestral Grace.png Nova Dash ability can actually help make the event easier.
    • Players will automatically be forced out of the transformation if they fly too high using it.


  • It is recommended to do this in a group.
  • Using a mount, some teleport skills, providing Swiftness.png Swiftness and Superspeed.png Superspeed, and doing this in a group makes this challenge easier.
  • The Globolla Marble has similiar mechanics like in Shattered Observatory Fractal. This means that you can always see the next two bounces.
  • Collision logic is extremely inconsistent, especially when moving, dodging or on stairs.