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Wizard's Tower Diving Goggles

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Open Sky diving location.
Wizard's Tower diving location.

Wizard's Tower Diving Goggles is a The Wizard's Tower that requires you to put on diving goggles and jump into a body of water.


Wizard's Tower Diving Goggles The Wizard's Tower 1Achievement points
Take a plunge off the high dive in the Wizard's Tower.Wizards have to relax too you know! Dove Off the High Dive at the Wizard's Tower 1Achievement points


Open Sky diving map.
Wizard's Tower diving map.

The goggle can be found in Open Sky at Point of interest (map icon).png Wizard's Respite, on a jumping board at the High Dive right next to the Vista (map icon).png Open Sky Vista.

Grab the goggles, and jump into the water below.