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Defeat Eparch, the Consumed King

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Defeat Eparch, the Consumed King is a level 80 group event that occurs in the Spire of Dreams.


  • Defeat Eparch, the Consumed King
  • Event bar.jpg Event boss (tango icon).png
  • Open Kryptis rifts: x/6
  • Eparch's Essence Level
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
  • Time until the devouring: 15:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Description Empowerment
Pool of Despair.png Despair Attunement.png Despair Decreased incoming damage.
Decreased outgoing damage.
Despair Attunement.png Despair Decreased incoming damage.
Pool of Envy.png Envy Attunement.png Envy Increased effect of boons and conditions.
Take more damage from conditions.
Envy Attunement.png Envy Increased effects of boons and conditions.
Pool of Gluttony.png Gluttony Attunement.png Gluttony Gain bonus life-stealing to attacks.
Take periodic damage.
Gluttony Attunement.png Gluttony Increased barrier from consuming Avatars of Spite.
Pool of Malice.png Malice Attunement.png Malice Control effects last longer and deal more defiance damage. Malice Attunement.png Malice Increased effectiveness of PBT shard AoE's.
Pool of Rage.png Rage Attunement.png Rage Increased outgoing attack damage.
Increased incoming damage.
Rage Attunement.png Rage Increased outgoing damage.
Pool of Regret.png Regret Attunement.png Regret Decreased skill activation and recharge time.
Take damage when using skills.
Regret Attunement.png Regret Increased rift frequency and reinforcement rate.
  • Rifts will spawn every X seconds
    • With them one Champion will spawn that when defeated will give you the ability to close the rift
    • As long as the rift is open every X seconds a group of Champion Avatars of Spite will spawn that move towards Eparch
      • When they reach Eparch the 'Essence Level' Bar will fill up.
        • Every time the bar is filled Eparch will get buffs equal to the attunements.
  • At 75%, 50% and 25% Eparch will gain the Aquatic Ruins Chest Disabled.png Time remaining and a Defiance bar.
    • Some players will get teleported into a separate room with a champion that when defeated will teleport the players back to Eparch. While away they will periodically lose stacks of their emotional attunement. If they have no emotional attunement stacks, they will instead gain stacks of Scion's Absorption.png Consumed which persist for 10 min. These stacks can be removed by interacting with the fountains around the edge of the room.
  • Every X seconds a green circle will spawn at a random location inside the room
    • It will damage every player in the room but can transmit most of that damage to players inside the circle thus be a good way to avoid mass damage
  • Every X seconds at random small damage dealing circles will spawn which if not avoided can kill players quickly
  • Every X seconds a damage dealing wave will go through the whole room
    • It seems to be possible to create gaps in the wall to help avoid getting damage
  • Eparch has lots of health thus it is advised to deal as much damage as possible else the timer could run out and fail the event
  • Because of the many visual affects some damage dealing mechanics could not be recognised very fast and thus have many people die to them. For that reason support players with skills that teleport downed players out of them are advised.
  • Attunements should be regularly refreshed by walking into them as the gained buffs benefits can greatly help into succeeding the event





Before the event starts
Dagda: A strange room. What purpose did it serve?
Ramses: It was once a meeting hall and council chamber where Eparch's generals and advisors gathered.
Peitha: Once he stopped seeking our counsel, the chamber lost its purpose. It doesn't seem to have gone without some use, though.
Ramses: The throne room is atop the central tower. We must hurry.
Arina: It's too dark in here; I can't see where I'm going at all.
Ramses: It is just ahead. Follow my voice.
Peitha: Stop! He is here!
Eparch, the Consumed King: The hubris to enter my domain. To enter my home!
Eparch, the Consumed King: Did you think you would find me unprepared?
Arina: What... what did he turn into?
Peitha: The same monster he always was.
During the event
Eparch, the Consumed King: You understand nothing! I alone am fit to rule, and you are fit only as food.
Ramses: We have to seal those rifts, or we'll be overrun!
Eparch, the Consumed King: I will devour everything!
Peitha: He's draining their essence! We need to stop him before he devours them completely!
Eparch, the Consumed King: You still don't understand what it takes to rule! Without power, there can be no Kryptis!
Peitha: I understand that if your rule continues, there will be no Kryptis left.
Frode: More reinforcements! Cut them off!
Dagda: Close those rifts! Now!
Eparch, the Consumed King: You will be consumed like all the rest!
Eparch, the Consumed King: You think that you save the Kryptis? I am the Kryptis! Nayos begins and ends with me!
Peitha: And that's why you let her die.
Eparch, the Consumed King: (roars)
Event success
Eparch: More... I need more...
Ramses: He is cornered now, but no less dangerous for it.
Peitha: We will not give him the time to rest. We will catch the spider in his lair.
Dagda: But first, we have wounded to treat. I will open a portal back outside.
General Nephus: Your Majesty. The exterior is secure for now. What of Eparch?
Peitha: He attempted an ambush and failed. He's retreated into his tower.
General Nephus: Then let us press our advantage while we can. We are in the endgame now.
General Nephus: You are free to pass through the towers again if you desire it. We must be thorough in clearing them.
Event failure
(Eparch immobilizes everyone and makes them levitate.)
Eparch, the Consumed King: Do not weep, little Peitha. Your strength will not be wasted.
Peitha: You can't stop... what's coming...
Peitha: (screams)
(Eparch consumes Peitha's essence, and Peitha's lifeless body falls to the ground.)
Ramses: PEITHA!
Eparch, the Consumed King: You really believed you could challenge me? That your pretender king could stand against me?
Eparch, the Consumed King: When your world burns, your failure will be their final thought.

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