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The Fangs That Gnash

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The Fangs That Gnash

Nyedra Surrounds
(Inner Nayos)
Event type
Meta event
Total events

The Fangs That Gnash is a meta event in Nyedra Surrounds. It starts at the Forward Bivouac Waypoint. There is no associated timer with it, and the meta depends on the readiness of the map.

Dynamic events[edit]


  • Epach has empowered his wyvern—staying any longer is certain death. Retreat for now and wait for another opportunity.


Primary article: Defeat Knaebelag the Terror#Rewards


When enough intel is gathered
Frode: Wayfinder, we'll be starting our offensive soon.
Rallying to Frode and Major Emund
Frode: Wayfinder, glad you made it. Let's get started. Tharon and I are going to see if we can liberate a settlement up north.
Tharon: They are confused. In need. I tried to convince them you are here to help, but your actions will do far more than my words.
Frode: You know the major. He'll be taking the south with Reya.
Major Emund: Wayfinder. We'll strike fast. No mercy. Leave them no chance to retaliate. Reya here says they won't be expecting it.
Reya: The blind fools believe themselves in complete control. I've waited an eternity to show them otherwise. May we begin?
Frode: Itching for a fight, eh? Well, eternity's a long time. Let's not make you wait any longer. Move out!
During the assault
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After the assault
Major Emund: Frode. Everything's secured down here. What's your status?
Frode: That's good news, Major. The general here has been dealt with. See you at the rendezvous point.
Pressing the attack
Primary article: Fight your way through the loyalists and reach Nyedra#Dialogue
Fighting Knaebelag
Primary article: Defeat Knaebelag the Terror#Dialogue

Related achievements[edit]


  • "The Fangs that Gnash" is likely a reference to the second verse, second stanza of "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll.