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Shrine Finder is an achievement in Inner Nayos: Nyedra Surrounds that involves playing with shrine guardian infants in Inner Nayos: Nyedra Surrounds.


This achievement rewards items. Shrine Finder Inner Nayos: Nyedra Surrounds 7Achievement points
Discover and open all the shrine guardian chests in Nyedra Surrounds in Inner Nayos.Unlock the boxes left by the foxes.
  • Tier
1: Unusual Coin.png Unusual Coin (5)
  • Tier
2: Unusual Coin.png Unusual Coin (5)
  • Tier
3: Unusual Coin.png Unusual Coin (5)
  • Tier
4: Unusual Coin.png Unusual Coin (10)

  • Sleeping under a Kryptis tent among allied supplies.
  • Perched atop a cliff above Eventide's March.
  • Near the top of a ritual tower.
  • On a branch near the Mastery Insight near the Coliseum of the Midnight King.
  • Enjoying the waterfall away from extractors.
  • Hanging outside a door in Nyedra.
  • In Stormcarved Hollows, hiding from turret fire and tentacles of Nourys among the rubble.
  • Above the Wailing Chasm, getting a good view of Heitor's fortress.
  • Near a rock and a pillar by the forward bivouac.
  • Hiding on top of the Fortress of the Founding.
  • Admiring the staircase of Eventide's March.
  • Overlooking where Eparch's citadel would be, but also hiding from Knaebelag.
Opened 1 Chest 1Achievement points
Opened 4 Chests 1Achievement points
Opened 8 Chests 2Achievement points
Opened 12 Chests 3Achievement points


Objective Map Location Closest landmark Type Notes