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Illuminating Inner Nayos

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Overview map of Inner Nayos with lantern locations marked.
Overview map with lantern locations marked.

Illuminating Inner Nayos is an achievement in Inner Nayos that involves revisiting map exploration across Inner Nayos and lighting a Starlight Lantern at each location. The lanterns are not visible to characters who have not completed the map.

This is a repeatable achievement to obtain Gift of Inner Nayos.pngGift of Inner Nayos from the reward chest: Chest of the Bjora Marches Explorer.pngChest of the Obscure.


This achievement is repeatable infinitely and does not contribute to a meta achievement.This achievement rewards items. Illuminating Inner Nayos Inner Nayos: Nyedra Surrounds 2Achievement points
Transfer power to lanterns at points of interest in Heitor's Territory and Nyedra Surrounds.Is it ever dark in the Realm of Dreams?
Reward: Chest of the Bjora Marches Explorer.pngChest of the Obscure

  • Astral Ward Camp Waypoint
  • Forward Bivouac Waypoint
  • Heitor's Gate
  • Heitor's Maw
  • Hollow of the Covetous
  • Seething Embrace
  • Sullen Cliffside
  • The Divide
  • The Wailing Chasm
  • The Waters of Regret
  • Astral Ward Camp
  • Mere of Everlasting Night
  • The Pillars of Mosyn
  • Tree of Many Faces
  • Sky King's Aerie
  • The Ascending Dream
  • The Pool of Whispers
  • Tree of Mourning
  • The Northern Extractor
  • The Rot
  • The Southern Extractor
  • Lost Altar
  • Secondary Extractors
  • Eventide's March
  • The Blighted Pillar
  • Temple of Charybda
  • Waters of the First Dream
  • Well of Anguish
  • Mosyn's Repose
  • Pool of Lost Dreams
  • Grove of the First Kryptis
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • The Queen's Procession
  • Archway of the Fallen Heroes
  • The Burrows
  • The Lamented Courtyard
  • Path of the Ancients
  • The Gathering Grounds
  • Fortress of the Founding
  • Coliseum of the Midnight King
  • Isolated Grasslands
  • River Hideaway
  • Secluded Pond
Powered 43 Lanterns 2Achievement points


  • Achievement is repeatable, and the chest upon completion gives you the items that go towards the legendary armor Obsidian armor.
  • Lanterns that have already been lit are not interactable anymore until the achievement is completed.
  • After completing a map, you must re-enter the map in order to see the lanterns.
  • After completing the achievement, you must re-enter the map to be able to light the lanterns again.
  • Lanterns can be lit while mounted (including while under stealth from Stealth 2.0 (mount)) and while moving.

Locate each Starlight Lantern (for a 43 total), they are around the waypoints and points of interests. To light them, you just need to interact with them.

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