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Please Take a Seat

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Please Take a Seat achievement map
Please Take a Seat achievement location

Please Take a Seat is an achievement in Inner Nayos.


This achievement rewards items. Please Take a Seat Inner Nayos: Nyedra Surrounds 1Achievement points
Use the /sit emote at the edge of the western elevated cliffs in the Coliseum of the Midnight King.But you'll only need the edge!
  • Tier
1: Writ of Maguuma Mastery (masterwork).png Scrap of Secrets of the Obscure Mastery
Sat on the Edge of the Western Elevated Cliffs in the Coliseum of the Midnight King 1Achievement points


The western elevated cliffs mentioned in the description are at the southwestern and northwestern corners of the Coliseum of the Midnight King.


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