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She's an absolute pain. I don't know how anyone can handle her properly.

After you hit her with the 2nd shard there will always be 3 visions following you around the map. Blocking and invulnerabilities work against visions. Sometimes you can even rally on her visions if they don't explode properly, not that I would count on it.

The barrages and the light beacons will appear in the same spots in the arena every time. These barrages persists through any stun, polymorph or knockdown you can inflict on her. The barrage will land in 2 seconds, so if you're good about it you can dodge within it. It clears out any minions or turrets you might have been using.

Her standard attack damage will take their toll as the fight progresses but you can simply move out of the way if you're quick enough or use projectile blocks/reflects.

In phase 2 there's only about 1/4 of the map you can stand without being hit by the barrage. It will alternate from a safe zone being north south, and then east west. She turns melee and she inflicts cripple and weakness.

My notes based on all my 100+ failures[edit]

- Cosmic rift (it looks like a floating crystal ball):
- get destroyed in one hit. Great for getting up from a down if you can hit it, but usually I found it more bothersome than helpfull.
- pull your character and knock down
- can be destroyed by the barrages
- Visions (the dark women):
- kill in one hit (if they touch you)
- the touch can be avoided using invulnerable moves or evade moves (i.e. dodge) or blocked. Visions can be pulled or pushed away.
- stop moving if you are stealth
- can be changed into an orb if they touch the lighting pool or are killed by the barrage while being in human form
- appear randomly
- The orb:
- disappear after a while even if you are holding it
- take ~1 sec to throw for ~500dmg on the boss
- do not appear to do anything on the visions
- Shadowfall (=barrage):
- kill in one hit (~150k damage)
- can be avoided using invulnerable moves or evade moves (i.e. dodge, blurred frenzy), but CANNOT be blocked. Shatter distortion doesn't work either.
- follow the pattern: south, north, west, east (you start by south). Therefore, I believe it is best to start by going right and go counter clock circle.
- The 2 "safe looking" spots by the edge are actually not safe
- Boss:
- The boss is invulnerable
- Her range attack does about 1100dmg (on light armor) and can be avoided using invulnerable moves or evade moves (i.e. dodge) or blocked (i.e. shield, feedback).
- If you are a light class, do NOT use berserker armor.
- The Boss can be polymorph = no attack for 10s, but she can then moves around (= worse in my opinion)
- she starts by running, then dashing to hit you and spin. Then she run/dash and whip 4 times. Repeat
- If she dashes and hits you, you get crippled. If her range attack hits you, you get weakness
- Removal condition is optional, due to the numerous times she will hit you (about 1 condition every 10s). I beat her without using my condition removal.
- she will randomly attack the drones
- This phase is really a dps issue. The longer the battle drags, the less likely you will win as conditions start to add up, and your endurance is going down.
- Try to play near 2 other players, so one of them can resurrect you if you fail (the other player will be playing).
- if you party, you can target the boss, which make it a bit easier (visually and mostly at the start of phase 2)
- The best foods are probably "mango pies" or "Bowls of Orrian Truffe and Meat Stew" AND "Potent Superior Sharpening Stones". "Bowls of Fire Salsa" is useless.
- Consumables where you get something in your hand will not work (ie: spy kit, depleted power crystal, fire bomb, mortar seed turret). For example, you can use "Fire Elemental Powder", but it dies in one hit from the shadowfall.
- 1270 exp for reviving someone at level 80
- The announcer says "the challenger needs to wrap up" and 45s later say something again. You have then 30s or 45s before you get dropped below to your death.
- Only 8 out of 50 testers passed this. I passed it after trying over 100 times. The biggest issue to pass phase 1 as fast as possible to avoid losing too much health and endurance. Therefore you need lots of luck for the phase 1. Phase 2 is about dodging the shadowfall, while dps the boss as fast as possible.
- BUG: sometimes you end up with 2 players against one boss. Sometimes you get to fight 2 bosses. Sometimes there is nothing to fight and even if you are ooc, one way out is to go to Mist.

Yes4me (talk) 12:01, 8 August 2013 (UTC)

Awesome, awesome. Thanks for your research. Felix Omni Signature.png 21:51, 8 August 2013 (UTC)
Based on my testing, Polymorph Moa will allow Liadri to attack you and move while staying invulnerable in phase 1. Additionally, wearing Zerker is viable as a Mesmer, with the right setup. Esplen 23:30, 9 August 2013 (UTC)
Not only does it take a second to throw but the orb has bad aftercast delay also. Make another .5 or 1 second in my experience. Puk (talk) 11:50, 13 August 2013 (UTC)
I blocked shadowfall with shelter and focus 5 as guardian. They hit multiple times so single block won't do.


I came to this page because today I was hanging around and noticed I had this character as my target somehow, not sure where she was though