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Guild Hall Documenation

The scope of this project is to document the Guild hall and all upgrades.


Feel free to add yourself to the list.


The idea is to document the Guild Halls including the upgrade process for them, and capture the dialog and one time events that happen in them.


  • Document upgrade requirements.
  • Document upgrade paths and what order.
  • When things are upgraded capture dialog and video of the upgrades.
  • Document location of both guild halls.
  • Create NPC pages for all guild vendors.


Project Page

Finish writing this todo list. Finish creating checklists for all areas.

Guild Tactics and Improvements

Anything that goes into the assembler is an item. The stuff the assembler spits out is not an item (so no ID) BUT what is spat out will be in the GUILD UPGRADES API. Everything in Guild Storage is in that part of the API. So the schematics for tactics and improvements are items and they have the wrong image. They should show this sort of thing: Supply Drop Tactic.png A new page needs to be created for the thing that is spat out of the assembler. (because there may be other ways to get that item, EG trading favour). The icon used by the thing spat out of the assembler (that shows up in guild storage) uses the same icon as the upgrade display so they should use the same file. API:

There are decorations that cannot be crafted and therefore have no item counter part that would go into the assembler. These decorations (with descriptions) should be in the guild upgrades api. EG: Comprehensive partisipation commemorative statue.

All decoration pages:

Image of decoration in from of stairs. Image front on. Nav Decoration type in infobox catagories: HOT Content, guild hall, decoration, <type of> decoration, scribe recipie Remove "used in" if its not used.

Decoration type pages

List > Vendors > Aquisition > gallery > Nav for other types of decoration. catagories: HOT Content, guild hall, decoration, <type of> decoration

Arena decorations:

Image of decoration in from of stairs. Image front on. Nav Decoration type in infobox catagories: HOT Content, guild hall, decoration, <type of> decoration

Main decorations page.

Redo to add more little icons and some gallerys of how decorations are used. navs catagories: HOT Content, guild hall, decoration

Main Guild Hall Page

Detail first 4-5 levels (the tutorial section) Guild throne and crystal. Other guild features Unique features to GH and LP Detail the claiming event. nav and catagories

Guild Upgrade Pages

Double check recipies Check Required upgrades (Lumber and cloth were added recently) nav Any extra details needed? New vendors/interactable items? Catagories

Guild Buildings

Proprietor, vendors, interactables. detail the changes made with each prerequesite upgrade. (arena is the main one with a difference) navs and catagories

Main upgrade page

reformat to make it prettier.

Put "Total cost of all upgrades per area" here. with total cost for guild.

Navs and catagories

Guild initative headquaters

detail vendors and npcs. Navs and catagories.