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Project Darkroom

In film photography, the darkroom is a room set up to have a minimal amount of light to allow light sensitive photographic materials, including photographic film and photographic paper to be created/preserved. It's where film photographers make sure the images are as good as they can be, and this project is to make sure the pictures already on the wiki are good quality, the correct format, up to date, and bright enough to see, and if they aren't, to replace the images with what is needed.

More information[edit]

Use {{image request}} for images that just need a better quality picture or {{image request|"reason"}} if it something specific like {{image request|brigher picture}} if an image that is too dark.

For information on how photos should be, please refer here:

or for the TL;DR version:

  • bright image with contrasting foreground/background
  • no green/red circles, character/player names or outlining
  • .png are for icons, screenshots should be .jpg
  • no User Interface, no walking dots, no spell effects (unless part of subject matter), minimal non-subject NPCs/PCs; keep it clean
  • make sure your in game settings are ideal for screenshot taking


Please feel free to add your name here if you are helping or want to help.


  • Make everything in this category vanish because there are no images that need updating: Category:Image update requests
  • Clean up map images that have excessive walking dots to only have what is needed
  • Update all map images or images that have Skill challenge.png to Hero point.png