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Inclusivity Project

The wiki strives to be a welcoming, inclusive environment for all of its editors, regardless of background. This project provides a central hub for the discussion of potential changes towards that goal, and documentation of our current practices.


Active discussions[edit]

Discussion ideas to get us started:

Welcome to the inclusivity project![edit]

I thought I'd get the ball rolling by starting a meta discussion: what's this project about, and how do we want it to work?

To answer the first part: the wiki has always been pretty good when it comes to inclusivity; obviously we don't tolerate hate speech or personal attacks, and we expect our users to assume good faith. That's important, but it's also a very surface level form of inclusivity -- often what ends up turning folks away from spaces like this are more subtle, emergent properties: the wiki functions on consensus, which is a useful tool, but the downside is that the consensus of ten uninformed "majority" users can easily drown out the more informed voice of one "minority" user. The majority are very rarely acting in deliberate bad faith when this happens, which is what makes it so difficult to fix this problem -- but it's a problem nonetheless. I feel that we're actually not too bad at being mindful about this, but we can always do better. The question is: what can this project do to help us be better?

Which brings us to the second part: I've thrown up a "documentation" section above, which so far only includes a link to the community portal discussion on #BlackLivesMatter which eventually led to the creation of this project. What other resources should we include there? A FAQ, maybe? I've also got a list of "discussion ideas" at the top of this section, which summarize some of the ideas for inclusivity that have been brought up recently. Shall we treat this project page as a glorified talk page, as I'm currently doing, or is there a better way to structure it?

I look forward to your responses! —Idris User Idris signature.png 16:35, 24 June 2020 (UTC)

Been one month since this has been posted. So who wants to post screenshots with a darker skinned character for the Sun-blessed Zephyrite weapons? There's no reason that isn't a viable option since A. there's no existing images (i.e. no duplicated work) for that set B. the articles are not done yet C. they meet the criteria for glowy weapons that don't have proper contrast with a light skinned character. I'd help but I mainly play sylvari, asura , and charr. From the outside looking in , one could just say it's a lot of negative-looking bureaucracy (i.e. assuming malice where there is none). --Life Infusion «T» 21:03, 24 August 2020 (UTC)
I have a character that should work. I don't have any of the items, so the pics will have to be from the preview window. They can always be updated later by those who have the items. Greener (talk) 23:16, 25 August 2020 (UTC)

Archived discussions[edit]