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NPC Coordinates

The scope of this project is to document the (almost) exact map coordinates of each named NPC in the game. This is done in order to provide the x, y, and floor values for the NPC infoboxes.


Feel free to add yourself to the list.


The base process consists of 2 steps:

  1. Obtain the coordinates of an NPC via a 3rd party tool, such as GW2Navi.
  2. Carry the obtained information to each NPC's page.

For an in depth guide on how to both take the coordinates and place them into the wiki, please check /Guide.

In order to view NPCs per area (not per map), copy the following SMW request in any page and preview the table; evidently replacing "AreaNameHere" with the name of the desired area.

{{#ask: [[Located in::AreaNameHere]][[Has context::NPC]][[Is historical::N]] | ?Located in=Area | limit = 500 | offset = 0}}

Note also that it is worthwhile to check the area name with the map name itself, as sometimes the NPC will have it's location dictated (improperly in certain cases) via the map name instead of area name.


  • Gather the coordinates for NPCs in each map.


By location


Actively gathering information in the following maps

Maps With Unfound NPCS

Completed Maps


Although existent in some forms on the other wikis, the idea/project was sparked from this answer in a reddit thread. Formatting and ideas took other wikis implementations into account.