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Skill Version History

The goal of this project is to create a version history for skills and traits.


Feel free to add yourself to the list.


This is an idea taken from this post on a changelog/version history segment for every skill and trait page.

There are two parts for this project:

  • a version history table on the skill/trait page that lists every mention of itself in any game update, as well as
  • a full page version history thats displays every iteration of the skill/trait throughout game updates, similar to the skill histories on the Guild Wars Wiki.


Formatting guidelines[edit]


  • 1Yes Decide what templates should be implemented.
  • 1Yes Decide on the layout for skill history tables.
  • 1Yes Decide on the layout for full page history sites.
  • 1Yes Create and improve skill/trait trackers to monitor progress.
  • 1Yes Implement skill/trait history tables and full page history sites.
  • 0No Update information with each upcoming game update that changes skills/traits.

  • 1Yes - Complete
  • 0No - In progress
  • 0No - Not being worked on

Progress trackers[edit]

Status Tracker
1Yes Elementalist
1Yes Engineer
1Yes Guardian
1Yes Mesmer
1Yes Necromancer
1Yes Ranger
1Yes Revenant
1Yes Thief
1Yes Warrior
1Yes Effects
1Yes Pet skills
1Yes Racial skills
1Yes Removed skills
0No Trait lines
0No Trait skills
1Yes Runes
0No Sigils
0No Updates
  • 1Yes - Complete
  • 0No - In progress
  • 0No - Not being worked on