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Media watch project

This project is designed to gather information from articles, interviews and footage to incorporate it into articles on the wiki. Note that every user is encouraged to post new articles/interviews/footage links which the Media watch project can process.


Please feel free to add your name here if you are helping or want to help.

To do list[edit]

Please add articles to this list, newest to the bottom. If you start work on an article put your name against it so others don't duplicate your effort. If you finish the task move the article link to the complete section.

Articles and interviews[edit]

Article Page or article types needing update Contributors Notes
ANet Blog: The Legions of the Charr Various charr title pages Chain of command section. There are articles for each of ranks, but they're mostly small and incomplete. Expand all to include information from the blog post.
Gamespot Underwater Combat Demo Various R Longer documentation linked in contribution.
IncGamers Guild Wars 2 Hands-On Low-level norn and a quaggan event. R Short article; text isn't really anything (has some factual errors), but some screenshot info. Defend the quaggan pastkeeper from the pirates, Shaman Freygirr, a talking head of Scout Agnarr, among other things. Note that there's a likely typo between 'Shaman Sigarr' and 'Shaman Sugarr'.
Gameswelt Eric Flannum Interview Structured PvP, World versus World R Video interview with some footage clips; footage is semi-useful but has lots of indecipherable names. Battle footage at one point seems to be old; uses the old attribute system. PvP talk starting at 6:32; no related footage is shown.
G4TV Guild Wars 2 Gameplay Preview Ascalon Catacombs and associated pages. R What is happening at 1:08? Also note that 'The Lover's Crypt' as shown in the map conflicts with the text and context--Lovers' (Ralena and Vassar).