Guide to Daily Super Adventure Festival achievements

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Difficulty Requirements[edit]

Achievement Exploration Normal Tribulation
Academic Probation 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Adventuring 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Color Guard - - -
Dean of Students 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Environmental Science 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Extracurricular Adventures1 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Interior Design 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Locksmithing2 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Mineral Resource Extraction 0No 1Yes 1Yes
Ooze Transportation 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
Race to the Skies - - -
Study Aids 1Yes 1Yes 0No
Study Group 1Yes 1Yes 1Yes
  • 1 Extracurricular Adventures can also be completed by killing champions anywhere. Each champion or zone counts for one tier. This achievement only counts towards Course Work: Super Adventure Festival when the third tier is completed. Cannot be earned for completing the Test Zone.
  • 2 While Locksmithing 103 and 202 can be done in Exploration mode, it is actually easier to do in Normal Mode as the enemies near the chest drop keys and therefore players do not need to run back and forth from shops to the chests.


Academic Probation[edit]

  • Shortcut Wurm - located in World 1 Zone 2, area 3 after the large body of water directly after the second checkpoint.
  • Shortcut Eagle - located in World 2 Zone 2, after the first octopus, stick the right from the spinning flower, jump from the grass to the crumble cloud to the grass. Requires having Glove of Wisdom to reach as a block must be pushed in order to scale the tree to the eagle.


Avoid entering any shops or hidden rooms after the boss has been cleared as occasionally this will cause this achievement to not be rewarded. Exploration mode does not count towards daily.

Color Guard[edit]

Players must enter the hole in the wall at the back-left corner of the Hub (near the house for World 4) and then follow the underground jumping puzzle around until you reach the Bouncy Mushroom Pad in the center. This will launch the player into the clouds above the Hub, and climbing further on the clouds will allow you to reach the four cannons. Players must climb into the cannons to be shot onto other clouds with Cloud Flags, and must interact with each flag to get the achievement.

Dean of Students[edit]

Defeating the bosses on Exploration Mode does count for this achievement.

Environmental Science[edit]

Unlike Interior Design, this daily does not require the player themselves to destroy the Honeycomb or Stump, simply being in the same party when it is destroyed will award it. The Honeycomb or Stump are usually easy to find by following Bee Dogs (for the Honeycomb) and Raccoons (for the Stump) as they will lead the player directly to the desired object.

  • Environmental Science 101 - The Honeycomb is located at the end of the maze found in the right hand corner of area 4 of Sunny Glade
  • Environmental Science 102 - The Honeycomb is located at the end of the maze found in the left hand corner of area 3 of Dark Wood
  • Environmental Science 103 - The Honeycomb is located at the end of the maze found in the left hand corner of area 1 of Kingdom of Fungus
  • Environmental Science 201 - The Stump is located in a maze to the right of the Hillbillies after the seventh checkpoint in Rapids
  • Environmental Science 202 - The Stump can be reached if you have taken the Shortcut Eagle. Just end the shortcut then commit suicide without unlocking any checkpoint, and you will spawn near the huge pagoda checkpoint. The Stump is located a short bit after the second Octopus near the tallest pagoda in the zone. Continue on after clearing the checkpoint with the second octopus to the next two checkpoints, and upon reaching the second checkpoint, the one in front of the huge pagoda, do not enter the building. Instead, carefully climb all the way to the top using the trees on the left side of the building to scale to the higher sections, and then using the clouds on the opposite side of the building to reach the roof, and jump to the grassy area nearby. Use the Flower Launcher to be thrown to the area with the Hillbillies and then follow the Raccoons to the Stump.
  • Environmental Science 203 - The Stump is located near the starting section of the zone. Instead of heading up the ramp to the first checkpoint, take a right and navigate carefully through the icy maze, avoiding the falling icicles above and the ice spikes on the ground.

Interior Design[edit]

Players must destroy objects that allow them to be picked up, such as the Furniture inside the various shops and Hillbilly's Special Jug, as well as the Bonsai Pots in Pain Cliffs even though they cannot be picked up. Destroying decorations such as rugs, paintings or the mounted animal heads do not count toward this daily nor do the candles on the walls. Additionally, while simply picking up some of the furniture counts towards the daily, destroying them is much faster. As there are a limited number of items per zone, it can be beneficial to coordinate with others.

  • Interior Design 101
  • Interior Design 102
  • Interior Design 103
  • Interior Design 201
    • Shop #2 has 6 objects.
    • Near checkpoint 7 are 7 jugs by the hillbillies.
    • Shop #3 contains 5 objects.
    • Shop #4 contains 6 objects with 6 jugs by the hillbillies outside.
  • Interior Design 202
    • Hidden Shop #2 Jump up to the area above the eagle and use a bomb to reveal Hidden Room 1 contains 7 objects.
    • Mini-boss Pagoda Skip the eagle; in the pagoda with the Purple Assassin (Glove of Wisdom), many of the potted plants are breakable. With the Hidden Shop (above bullet point), this should provide more than enough to complete the daily.
    • Hidden Shop #3 Before checkpoint 4, take the two flower launchers to this shop; contains 17 objects.
  • Interior Design 203
    • Shop #2 (behind the frozen waterfall) contains 11 objects, and is easily reachable in Exploration mode.


Chest do not need to be opened all on the same run, and can be opened on multiple different runs which may be significantly easier to do for certain zones.

  • Locksmithing 101 - 2 Chests:
    • The first chest is located at the start of the zone with a key nearby.
    • The second chest is located in the second area at the top of a hill.
      • Players can purchase a key from the shop at the bottom of the hill if one has not dropped already/playing in Exploration Mode.
      • If completing the achievement in more than one run, it may be worth bringing the key from the start to the second chest.
  • Locksmithing 102 - 2 Chests:
    • The first chest is located shortly after the first checkpoint. If you do not have a key, purchase one from the shop in the area, and go to the large hollow log that is slanted upwards, and jump up onto the branches, and head back towards the checkpoint, looking for a large tree stump that has a cut-out section not too far away from the checkpoint. Drop down into this tree and then down into the hole for the chest.
    • The second chest is after the second checkpoint. After leaving the large section of water, head straight into the hollow tree and jump up the leaves to get up into the branches. As you exit the tree, head straight along the branch (towards the hand) to gain a bit of height, then turn right and head towards the nearest cliff. Look for a grassy ledge, jumping down to it to find the chest tucked away in the corner.
  • Locksmithing 103 - 3 Chests:
    • The first chest is to the left of the second checkpoint before you go through it. If you do not already have a key, head down to the shop hidden behind the acid waterfall in the next zone, and then make your way back to the second checkpoint. From there backtrack to the large tree with pads that allow you to reach the wall to the left of the checkpoint and carefully make your way along it until you reach the Flytraps. Jump on the edges of the flytraps to the ledge where the chest is located.
    • The second chest is after the second checkpoint, and if you do not have a key, there is a shop reached by carefully scaling the wall to the left/behind the chest, and jumping from the Flytrap to the ledge with the shop. Otherwise, climb the large slanted hollow log and head right on the branches to the chest sitting on a leaf.
    • The third chest is best located by using the upper version of the third checkpoint. If you do not already have a key, get one from the shop near the second checkpoint, and then jump carefully and somewhat quickly on the crumbling leaves to the reach the top of the large horizontal hollow log. From there jump down to the leaves below and head the platform on the left to reach the chest.
  • Locksmithing 201 - 2 Chests:
    • The first chest is located after the fifth checkpoint. Head to the left to purchase a key from the shop in the corner if you do not have one already. Head to the platform that has a lone blue bauble, easiest reached by being launched there by the Flower Launcher after the Alligator. From there, fall down carefully to the platform below with the Flower Launcher to be launched into a cave. Run to the end of the cave and exit it to find the chest in the area just outside of it.
    • The second chest is easiest to reach if done in Exploration Mode. Grab a key from a shop before the second to last checkpoint and run across the rainbow bridge towards the final checkpoint, but just before it, climb the wall to reach a section hidden behind the waterfall where the chest is located.
  • Locksmithing 202 - 3 Chests: It is recommended to do this solo in Normal Mode, not Exploration mode.
    • The Glove of Wisdom is required to reach all three chests.
    • The first chest is located in the pagoda just after the first checkpoint. There is a green platform above the Flower Launcher where an Assassin is located, and will drop a key. Drop back down to the Flower Launcher and use it to propel you to the pagoda. Use the Glove of Wisdom skill Push to reach the chest located on the top level of the pagoda.
    • The second chest is located on the roof of the pagoda where the second Octopus is located, and one of the Assassins inside the pagoda below should drop the needed key to unlock it.
    • You must have the Mini Bomb skill and at least two baubles to reach this chest. The third chest is located near the tallest pagoda (referred to as the "Gong Pagoda" due to the large Gong inside). If you do not already have a key dropped from an enemy in the area, a shop located in a grassy section under the walkway of the northwest section of the pagoda can provide one. If you have a key, climb to the top of the Pagoda using the trees on left hand side and the clouds on the right hand side, and from there, jump across to the grassy platform on the right. Use a bomb to reveal a hidden section below and then bomb the western wall to create an opening. Carefully fall down to the third chest.
  • Locksmithing 203 - 4 Chests: Due to the location of the majority of the chests it is recommended to do this in multiple runs and/or in Exploration Mode.
    • The first chest is located right after the second checkpoint. Buy a key from the shop just before it and make your way to the platform with where the chest is located along with a Polar Bear.
    • The Glove of Wisdom is suggested to have in order obtain this chest easier. The second chest is located after the fourth checkpoint in the area with the first Block that can be pushed, and it is recommended to purchase a key and leaving it by the checkpoint. Push the block into place and make your way up to the area where you can either go left and head up to the portal that takes you to the Yeti, or go right to where several Bananas are skating around. Head to the Bananas and head straight in the direction of a yellow bauble and go straight past it towards a grey pillar. Drop down, then head straight towards an icy section, but make a left just before it, and run across to a wall, jumping on smaller ledges and jump into the open section of the wall. Drop down to discover the chest and use the Glove of Wisdom to open the wall revealing the checkpoint where you left your key so you can open the chest.
    • The following two chests can only be reached by going the long way to the end of the zone, and not by taking the teleporter that takes you to the Yeti after the fourth checkpoint. Also, as few shops are near these chests, it is recommended to purchase two keys from the shop before the second checkpoint and drop them both off in in front of the fifth checkpoint before you hit it, as after that checkpoint you cannot return to the shop, and then continuously run the keys from checkpoint to checkpoint until you have reached the two chests.
      • The third chest is directly after the seventh checkpoint at the beginning of Area 9. After clearing the checkpoint, make a left to find the chest.
      • The fourth chest is located just before the second to last checkpoint before the Yeti, located on a snowy ledge to the right of the start of the very long ice bridge leading up to the checkpoint. A key for this chest can be purchased from Shop #4 (near Moto's Finger), but this is difficult to reach, and you may find it easier to relay two keys as described above.

Mineral Resource Extraction[edit]

Players must have either the Digger or the Nice Scoop to dig up the chests. No chests spawn in Exploration mode.

Ooze Transportation[edit]

Primary article: Ooze Herding

Study Aids[edit]

Study Aids is easiest completed in World 1 Zone 1/Sunny Glade:

  • SAB Sun Icon.pngDamage Boost is located on the platform above the first shop, near the second checkpoint; or on the side of the mountain just before the final checkpoint.
  • SAB Star Icon.pngInvincibility is found on an isolated platform right before the fourth checkpoint, next to a green bauble.
  • SAB Cloud Icon.pngSpeed Boost is found immediately after the fourth checkpoint.
  • SAB Moon Icon.pngInvisibility can be found at ground level behind the hill that holds the final boss.

Tribulation Mode does not count towards daily Study Aids achievement.

Study Group[edit]

Complete any two zones of Super Adventure Box in a party. These can be done with different groups and the zones do not have to be consecutive. Completing a zone in Exploration mode counts for this achievement.

Course Work: Super Adventure Festival[edit]

  • Completing any 3 of the 6 other active daily Super Adventure Festival achievements counts towards the daily Course Load achievement, which is located in the Super Adventure Box: Nostalgia achievement tab in the Festival achievement category.


  • Interior Design, Locksmithing, Mineral Resource Extraction, and Study Aids do not require the player to fulfill all the objectives in the same run and can be accomplished in multiple playthroughs.