King Toad

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Super Adventure Box (release)
This content was introduced in Super Adventure Box (release) and was subsequently made available for the Super Adventure Festival.

King Toad

King Toad.jpg

Kingdom of Fungus
(Super Adventure Box)

I'm KING TOAD. Now you will croak!

— King Toad

King Toad is the the end boss of the Kingdom of Fungus and the final boss of World 1 in the Super Adventure Box. He is wearing lots of jewelry, most notable being the large ruby necklace.


Primary article: Kingdom of Fungus#King Toad

Combat abilities[edit]

 Invulnerability - Is removed when stunned.
  • Left foot stomp - stomps with his left foot, causing a wave of poison water to wash over players. Will arch his eyebrow and look to the left before performing this attack.
  • Right foot stomp - as above, to the right.
  • Belly Flop - Does a belly slam, causing two waves of poison water to wash over players. Will squat before performing this attack.
  • Tongue lash - looks left and right, roars, then flicks his tongue out and sweeps it around the entire room.


  • Reducing the health of his pendant to 0 has no special effect. It will simply regenerate back to full health.