King Toad

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King Toad

King Toad.jpg

Kingdom of Fungus

I'm KING TOAD. Now you will croak!

— King Toad

The King Toad is the end boss of the Kingdom of Fungus and the final boss of World 1 in the Super Adventure Box. He is wearing lots of jewelry, most notable being the large ruby necklace.


Primary article: Kingdom of Fungus#Boss

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Stomp - Stomps with either his left or right foot, causing a wave of poison water to wash over players. Will arch his eyebrow and look to the left or right before performing this attack.
  • Belly Flop - Does a belly slam, causing two waves of poison water to wash over players. Will squat before performing this attack.
  • Tongue Lash - looks left and right, roars, then flicks his tongue out and sweeps it around the entire room.


  • Reducing the health of his pendant to 0 has no special effect. It will simply regenerate back to full health.