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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Super Adventure Box object. For furniture coins, see Fancy Furniture Coin. For guild hall furniture, see Decoration.

I could never find a good spot for that. Thank you for destroying it.

— Shopkeeper

Furniture is commonly found in shops inside Super Adventure Box.


Maguuma Jungle


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Smash (Furniture).png Smash 0.5½ Smash the <furniture name>.
2 Throw (Furniture).png Throw 0.25¼ Throw the <furniture name> at your foe.



  • Destroying this object will create a SAB 1 Bauble Icon.png Bauble or food.
  • Shopkeepers will react to players after destroying these objects:
    • "I could never find a good spot for that. Thank you for destroying it."
    • "Yes smash it! I've always hated that thing."
    • "Ha ha! you sure enjoy smashing."
    • "I had too many things. It's good that you are breaking everything."
    • "In the end I see that my hoarding has brought me only sadness."
    • "Go ahead and break my stuff. I don't care."
    • "Smashing my stuff? It's good to keep busy."
  • A unique piece of furniture may be found in Pain Cliffs: a tiny tree in a pot, likely a reference to the Japanese art of Bonsai.
  • The furniture within the secret hidden shop in Test Zone cannot be destroyed.

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