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Pain Cliffs
Octopus full.jpg

A fully fed Octups.

Two Octopi are found in the Pain Cliffs of Super Adventure Box. They feature in balancing puzzles: the octopus will be stationed on one side of a giant pair of scales, and players must feed it Piranhas to make it grow fat and cause its side of the scale to move down.


Maguuma Jungle


  • The Octopus will gain weight a maximum of three times.
    • Originally, it only took one piranha per weight gain; as of 2017 however, it takes three times the number of players in the instance to make the Octopus gain weight. So if there is only one player, it must be fed a total of three times; if there is a full party of five, it must be fed a total of fifteen times.


  • They are a reference to Octoroks from the Legend of Zelda video game series.