Shortcut Wurm

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Shortcut Wurm

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Dark Woods
Dark Woods Shortcut.jpg

Path to Shortcut Wurm.

I'm SHORTCUT WURM. You can pass through me to a new location.

— Shortcut Wurm

Shortcut Wurm is an ally found inside Super Adventure Box that lets players go directly to end of the zone.


Maguuma Jungle

Getting there[edit]

Shortcut Wurm is found in World 1, Zone 2, just after checkpoint 2. Exit the water and follow the edge around to the right, climbing up onto a root that overhangs the water. From there, drop down into a niche in the corner.


Stomach Acid Blocks
  • Shortcut wurm will take you just past the final checkpoint, automatically unlocking it in the process.
    • Note that this will prevent you from accessing two digging spots if you haven't already unlocked the checkpoint.
  • Beware of the green blocks of stomach acid inside the wurm, as they will remove 1 heart of health if hit.
  • There are many more green blocks in Tribulation Mode, in addition to spike traps on the floor. Both of these will kill on touch. Unlike Shortcut Eagle, however, it is still possible to use Shortcut Wurm to skip most of the level in Tribulation Mode; hug the left wall to avoid the green blocks.
  • The area directly below where the Shortcut Wurm drops you off is a digging location for a SAB 5 Bauble Icon.png 5 Bauble in Normal and Tribulation Mode.

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