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Star Chart: Gnarl of Melandru

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Star Chart- Gnarl of Melandru.png

Star Chart: Gnarl of Melandru

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Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Astralaria IV: The Cosmos
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Star Chart- Gnarl of Melandru location.jpg

Location to use the Celestial Cartographer's Gear

Double-click to combine the four human star charts into the Human Constellation Chapter.

Hint: During the night, use the Celestial Cartographer's Gear near the Sylvan Chest[sic] after uncovering the secrets of the hidden garden in Mount Maelstrom to chart the human constellation, Gnarl of Melandru.

— In-game description


See the image on the right for a location reference, as the location to use the gizmo during the night is not at the Sylvan Chest platform, and the text description is somewhat awkward.

First climb up to the chest platform in the Hidden Garden jumping puzzle. Turn left slightly and observe a canopy provided by two or three large leaves, with a few bracket mushroom steps leading upwards. Follow the mushroom steps. You will find yourself on the a large branch above the leaf canopy. Facing away from the chest, follow the branch, use two mushroom brackets and a small root to climb onto a floating rock. This is the place to use your Celestial Cartographer's Gear gizmo (with a view of a vine bridge with many mushrooms leading to the Cluster of Light above. If this doesn't work for you, make sure that the cycle is on night.